The arrival of his son Mokshagna into tollywood has been confirmed by Nandamuri Balakrishna. The international Film festival Of india (IFFI) in goa was attended by balayya, who made the announcement that his son Mokshagna will make his acting debut the following year, in 2023. In response to rumours and speculative claims that director Boyapati Sreenu might introduce Mokshagna, balayya smiled and remarked, "Everything occurs on God's will." Antha Daivechcha

Balakrishna has also officially announced the sequel to his box office hit Akhanda. akhanda 2 is planned, according to Balayya. The akhanda 2 subject, he claimed, is finished. A formal statement would be made at the proper moment, according to Balayya. Veera simha Reddy, the upcoming balayya film, is slated to arrive in theatres around Sankranthi. In the movie, balayya would be viewed as a faction leader. In addition to this, balayya is preoccupied with Unstoppable season 2.

The news of Mokshagna's debut has delighted Nandamuri fans to the fullest. Fans are extremely enthusiastic and impatiently anticipating 2023 for the great premiere of Mokshagna's film because it is the genuine article from none other than Balayya. Considering the euphoria, let's see which director would introduce Mokshagna.

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