Chiranjeevi Says Firm 'No' To Politics

Chiranjeevi claimed to have worked in the film industry for 45 years, including ten years in politics. "I had to come back to the movie business for whatever reason... The amount of affection that [fans] had in their hearts was still there "Added he. He promised, "I'll never [again] leave the...industry." At the IFFI 2022, he received the indian Film Personality of the Year award.

Third Rank For india In Losing Millionnaires

According to a Henley and Partners analysis, the top three nations that will have lost the most millionaires to migration in 2022 are Russia, China, and India. Each of these nations lost 15,000, 10,000, and 8,000 affluent people. According to the report, india produces far more new millionaires than it loses to migration, so these outflows are not particularly concerning.

Adavi Sesh's Valid Advice To Bollywood

In Bollywood, according to actor Adivi Sesh, movie trailers are released 30 days before to the movie's release. It's a poor marketing plan, he continued, because they are unaware that in the promotional campaign there is nothing to captivate the viewer on the same level as the trailer. Adivi claimed that in South india, trailers are released 10 days prior to the movie's release.

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