With a number of small and huge films getting ready to visit theatres, february is going to be a magical month for telugu fans, as we have already mentioned. We also have blockbuster movies like Samantha's Shaakuntalam and Amigos by kalyan Ram. Here is a rumour that is currently circulating.

Due to the Sivarathri holiday, Samantha's Shaakuntalam is scheduled for a release on february 17, however it is rumoured that dil Raju, the film's principal investor and distributor, is now unhappy with the date. Even if he fixed it, the producer may delay the release by a week based on discussions he has had with his distribution networks. However, all of the distributors have already made plans for the release of Shaakuntalam, therefore a change in the plans would have a negative impact.

Dil Raju, on the other hand, is scheduled to make a statement announcing the film's major release while samantha is present at the press conference. However, these postponement rumours have suddenly gained prominence. We need to wait and see. At the same time, director Gunasekar holds an unique record of not releasing any of his movies as promised and this is not the first time a movie faces several delays and everyone blames the creator as well.

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