The all-Indian film Kabzaa, starring upendra and Sudeep, debuted this week to appalling box office results and negative reviews. The pan-Indian movie, which also featured Shriya and Shivarajkumar in pivotal parts, failed to have any success at the box office. The sequel was announced far in advance, and the Kabzaa team had planned a KGF-like motif. The plot writers even included enough room for a sequel in the film, but the audience wasn't particularly engaged. And the movie is now on its way to a major catastrophe.

The movie made about 20Cr in its first two days of release, and the collections from other languages are insignificant. Despite having a large budget and a star-studded cast, the film was unable to get audiences to the theatres. It appears that the second part will be shelved due to the first portion's exceedingly bad reception. As we saw with Baahubali, KGF, and Pushpa, a successful part 1 is crucial for a pan-India production with a sizable budget. Yet with Kabzaa failing to pique anyone's curiosity, the sequel wouldn't find many fans.

The team is upset with the disastrous result and the makers are worried if they can literally get back the investments at least from the movie.

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