Actress Taapsee commanded attention at the show two weeks ago when she went down the runway at Lakme fashion Week. The "PINK" actress glowed in a red, revealing outfit. The necklace she donned, however, is now the subject of debate. It appears that Taapsee's jewelry, which featured a sculpture of the goddess Lakshmi, offended the religious sensibilities of the Hind Rakshak Sangathan.
Eklavya Singh Gaur, the son of bjp mla Malini Gaur, filed a charge against Taapsee, alleging that the necklace's design was offensive to religious sentiments and propagated obscenity. The madhya pradesh police have opened an investigation and filed a case against Taapsee based on the allegation. Taapsee's instagram account still features the photo of her wearing the necklace.

Unexpectedly, the jewelry came from reliance Jewels and is from their Akshaya Tritiya line. Taapsee promoted it like any other celebrity, but if she was at all to fault for wearing it, the jewelry designer should be held accountable. Eklavya Singh Gaur, the leader of the Hind Rakshak Sangathan indore and the son of bjp mla Malini Gaur, made the accusation. According to the police, Eklavya Gaur filed a complaint alleging that taapsee pannu had offended religious feelings and the religion's reputation.

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