Astronauts Jane (Zoe Chao) and Adam (Anthony Mackie) find themselves trapped for three years between Saturn and Jupiter due to a system failure with their spacecraft. Everything they require to live is aboard their ship, including food, oxygen, and each other. The everyday routine for Jane and Adam involves Jane trying to determine what went wrong with the ship's wiring while Adam takes care of the plants and goat while conducting experiments with a marijuana plant and blueberries. They joke around, laugh a lot, and dance a lot while keeping each other company for years without ever having any chance of being located. However, when Adam proposes that he and Jane have sex, they discuss the advantages and disadvantages of such a significant shift in their friendship.

Despite spending two-thirds of its time in a location that is anything but hopeful, If You Were the Last is unendingly optimistic. Even though Adam and Jane occasionally discuss death, their dialogue is typically humorous. Given how long Jane and Adam have been alone in space, the movie could have easily turned gloomy. Fortunately, Mercado and Bourassa inject the narrative with sufficient energy and heart to counteract the characters' bleak circumstances. Despite the location, they are able to come up with inventive ways to keep the characters — and the audience, by consequence — entertained. The narrative takes a welcome turn in a new direction thanks to a crucial change in the movie's final act.

If You Were the Last doesn't hesitate to play with established romantic clichés, offering viewers a novel interpretation of the best friends-to-lovers trope and even introducing a scenario where the characters share a bed. These tropes are managed beautifully and without feeling forced. The sci-fi romance sends the characters into an unexpected situation in the third act, which not only brings some suspense but also changes their relationship due to their new circumstances. This happens even when it seems as though the friends-to-lovers alone in space allure will wear off.

Overall, Mercado's film never becomes boring and has just the right amount of charm, tenderness, and humour to carry the narrative to a lovely finish. A creative sci-fi romance like If You Were the Last is guaranteed to make one smile and laugh aloud. It's endearing and truly funny, and the excellent performances, which are captivating and magnetic, elevate it. This movie was made with a lot of love, and it comes through in each and every moment. Not to be missed, it's one of the greatest love comedies in a while.

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