Kamal Haasan: DCP Raghavan is BACK!! Re-release!!

Kamal Haasan's Vettaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu re-release plans have been disclosed, a surprise revelation for "Ulaganayagan" fans, and DCP RAGHAVAN IS BACK.

Kamal Haasan, known for his adaptable performances in tamil films, has had a notable impact with his varied filmography. Despite experiencing both highs and lows throughout his career, his spectacular minutes have consistently left crowds in awe. Some of Kamal Haasan's films have become timeless masterpieces that fans desire to see on the big screen after he has produced so many entertaining films. It's the perfect moment to research which of Kamal Haasan's films truly deserve a flashy revival as the much-awaited re-release of his cop drama "Vetaiyaadu Vilaiyaadu," or "Raghavan" in telugu, approaches.

According to Buzz, the 4K restored print of Raghavan, starring Kamal Hassan, will be re-released in theatres this June. Due to the fact that gautham Menon, an admirer of his, directed it, this movie became synonymous with him. This movie ended up becoming a box office smash. A few locations in tamil Nadu have confirmed the rerelease with a poster. However, there has been no official announcement regarding the re-release of the telugu version to date. Let's hope Kamal performs in his classic style as well.

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