Even though some telugu films are doing well at the box office, their runtime is only about one or two weeks. These days, that is the standard scenario, as films like Virupaksha are once again shown. The fact that many films are debuting on OTT within 2-4 weeks is another factor that is eroding box office receipts. Let's examine how the box office performed over the previous weekend.

Mem Famous by Chai Bisket, Malli Pelli by naresh and Pavithra, and 2018 dubbed movie all debuted last week (May 26) to high anticipation. While Mem Famous gained notoriety as a result of its intriguing marketing strategy, Malli Pelli made news for its contentious nature, and 2018 garnered admirers for its masterful depiction of a natural calamity. But as the content turned out to be standard, Mem Famous and Malli Pelli struggled to succeed after the first day, whereas 2018 is succeeding in several areas. And now they face yet another danger.

Despite receiving mixed reviews upon its release two weeks ago, Vijay Anthony's Bicchagadu 2 is a huge success and has also become a fan favourite during the past weekend. When compared to other films at the BO, the movie literally owned the mass belts on saturday and sunday with packed houses. The weekend's rookies were defeated by this two-week senior, and we must admit that only the content makes a difference.

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