Actor adivi sesh is in high demand after earning two hits in a row in 2017 with Major and HIT 2. He is one of the few heroes who has had a history of success over the past few years. His most recent tweet, meantime, has generated a lot of discussion on social media. "Occhina daari ne chooskokapothe, mundhunna daarini ela sarididdhukuntaam?" tweeted adivi sesh recently and made a lot of noise. 

Many questions are being raised by this enigmatic message among internet users. They want to know who Sesh was referring to. rahul Ravindran, an actor and Sesh's best buddy, responded, "What is he saying @vennelakishore... cryptic edho ga. Compassionately, who is this? kishore responded right away, "Traffic quotes ivi..keep calm and scroll down." Chinmayi, the well-known singer and wife of rahul, responded to this chat with laughing emojis.

But Sesh didn't even add anything to the dialogue, and after that mysterious message, he stopped tweeting altogether. We'll see whether he quickly provides any clarification. On the professional front, Sesh is presently preoccupied with the production of Vinay Kumar Sirigineedi's upcoming film goodachari 2. watch out this space for more updates.

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