TV’s favorite couple Dipika Kakkar and shoaib ibrahim are very active on social media. deepika has kept

distance from the industry but remains connected with her fans through vlogs. Along with Deepika, her

sister-in-law Saba Ibrahim is also a YouTube vlogger. She keeps giving updates to her fans about her daily

life. She no longer lives in mumbai with her husband but she often comes to meet her family. Saba has

shared something in her vlog, after which she is being trolled.

Saba’s childhood was also spent in Bhopal. She had taken her husband Khalid to Bhopal. Where he took

Khalid around bhopal and also refreshed his childhood memories. Now after visiting bhopal, Saba has come

to Mumbai. Where she met Ruhaan and her father.

Saba got trolled

Actually, Saba showed in the vlog that she comes from bhopal to mumbai by flight. After that, she stops at a

cafe for tea and after coming home, without changing or freshening up, she meets her father and Ruhaan. In

the entire vlog, Saba did not change her clothes nor did she tell her fans that she freshened up. Because of

which the fans are angry at her as to how she went near the little child without changing.

One user commented - I can’t believe that these people went to the little child without freshening up and

without changing their clothes. While another wrote – Everything is an advice. Whenever you travel by

public transport, take bath before meeting Ruhaan. Also, if your father is not well then come and freshen up

earlier so that he too does not get any kind of infection.

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