Hot heroine kavya thapar recently got success with 'Bichchagadu 2'. Recently received two offers back to back. It is remarkable that she is coming up with big projects. heroine Kavya Thapar.. becomes a hot topic on social media with her hot beauty. Without hiding her beauty, she took over the craze. Makes a hot bomb. At the beginning of her career, she did a bold photo shoot and created a stir. Nettinta became known as a hot bomb. Slowly getting film opportunities and getting busy as a heroine. Recently in ``Bichchagadu 2'' she did a bold and flattering look. She got excited in a song and did a skin show. Showed next level in romantic scenes. This movie became a hit and this beauty became famous. Before that, she surprised by doing bed scenes in 'Ek mini Katha'. She showed that beauty has no limits. She surprised the makers by getting excited in romantic scenes as well.

But till now, this beauty has not got any big projects. But silently this sexy lady receives offers. Get a chance to pair up with big heroes and rush. Recently this bhama got two offers. It is known that one is an item song and the other is a single heroine. ram and puri Jagannath combination will make the film ``Double Smart''. In this, a special song is being shot on ram and Kavya Thapar. The film is currently being shot. It is reported that this song will be very special and will make her famous.

On the other hand, getting a film offer with Gopichand. It is known that recently Gopichand announced that he is doing a film with Srinuwait. It also celebrated the opening. kavya thapar was finalized as the heroine. So it can be said that Kavyaki will be a big project. But if the movie is a hit, she will go to the next level, or the scene will start again. It is no exaggeration to say that any success brings opportunities.

Now these two offers are going to turn this sexy beauty in two ways. If a film is successful as a heroine, then films will be released as a heroine. Or if ``Double Smart'' doing a special song is a hit, then more such item songs will come. This shows the impact on her career as a heroine. And it can be said that Kavya's career is now on the ring road. Let's see where it will take a turn.

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