What amazing information! A prominent part in Sharwanand's 35th film, dubbed #Sharwa35, has been announced for Krithi Shetty, who shot to fame with her maiden film "Uppena." sriram Adittya is directing the movie, which is being produced on a large scale by people media Factory.The film's creators are overjoyed with how the production is coming together now that nearly all deadlines have been met.

Building up anticipation for what appears to be a possible blockbuster, the marketing campaign for the film is scheduled to start in October.The author-backed and distinctive character played by Krithi Shetty in Sharwa35 is praised for bringing excitement to the film. Her birthday falls on the same day as this announcement, and people media Factory has created a wonderful poster and a unique film to commemorate the event.A major event will soon unveil more information about the movie, including its title, and sharwanand is slated to play a very intriguing part in it.

Sriram Adittya is the author and director of Sharwa 35. The movie was filmed in a variety of foreign countries. Under the name people media Factory, TG vishwa Prasad and vivek Kuchibhotla are the producers of Sharwa 35. The film's soundtrack was written by Hesham Abdul Wahab, and it was shot by vishnu Sharma, edited by Prawin Pudi, and produced by Jonny Shaik.

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