Pedakapu 1 film has attracted interest in film circles with the title itself. producer miryala ravinder reddy told the reason behind this title. movie titles with social casts are nothing new. From Justice Chaudhary to Veerasimha reddy, there are dozens of films with social class titles. Films like Samarasimha reddy, Narasimhanaidu, arjun reddy registered blockbusters. Pedakapu 1 is also similar. Kapu is the majority social class in Godavari district. Hence naming Pedakapu as it is also the nativity story of both the Godavari districts has increased curiosity. A lip balm is not only a social class but also a sign of respect. In villages there are Kapus and Pedakapus regardless of social class. But the film's producer miryala ravinder reddy said the reason behind choosing this title. Initially, we thought we will call this film Karna. Since the story is about the struggle of the character Karna, we felt that the title was appropriate. But srikanth Addaka came across the name Pedakapu in the hunt for the film's locations. When asked about it, the locals said that he was a good person who helped the village. ravinder reddy said that srikanth addala said that our story is the same, so let's give it a lip-smacking title. ravinder reddy said that Pedakapu is the one who fights for a region, a town, a group... is mine. Believing in the story, we also shot on a large scale with new people. We have tried to tell the story of the 80s honestly. He said that while watching the movie, one gets the feeling of seeing the real events. ravinder reddy believes that the dialogues written by srikanth addala are piercing.

While Virat Karna is being introduced as a hero, it was made under the banner of Dwarka Creations. It is releasing worldwide on september 29. Pedakapu will be released in two parts.

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