Despite the film Leo's box office success, a major debate has developed, casting a cloud over the achievement. The dispute focuses on Mansoor ali Khan, who is accused of making improper sexual remarks towards actress Trisha. In response to these charges, trisha turned to X to strongly condemn Mansoor's words, calling them not only filthy but also sexist, rude, and highly misogynistic.

Film industry reacts to Mansoor ali Khan's sexist comments over Trisha

As a result of Mansoor's remarks, there has been an outpouring of support for trisha krishnan from various members of the entertainment business. lokesh kanagaraj, a director connected with Leo, was among the first to publicly back Trisha. lokesh expressed his displeasure with Mansoor's remarks, emphasizing the familial aspect of their partnership on Leo and declaring that respect for women is non-negotiable.

Karthik Subbaraj quickly joined the chorus of support for trisha, riding high on the popularity of his recent film, jigarthanda DoubleX. He labeled Mansoor as a sleazy guy for his indecent statements in a forceful speech on X.

Chinmayi Sripaada, a well-known pro-feminist personality in tamil Nadu, chimed in on the debate. chinmayi not only condemned Mansoor's behaviour, but also called attention to other instances of sexism in the tamil film business. Her statements included a caustic remark about strong guys in the profession who had previously harmed women with words.

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