A video of Vanitha's son srihari dancing at Vijayakumar's granddaughter Diya's wedding is going viral.

Legendary actor vijayakumar has 2 wives. The children born to first wife Muthukannu are Kavita Vijayakumar, Anita vijayakumar and Arun Vijay. Among them, kavitha Vijayakumar played Sarathkumar's younger sister in Sarathakumar's Kooli. While arun vijay has acted as a hero in many films, now he is threatening to play a villain character as well.

Vijayakumar married fellow actress Manjula. Vanitha Vijayakumar, Preetha vijayakumar and sridevi were born to this couple. It is known to all that these three have acted in films. Only Vanitha is living alone due to family dispute. Apart from him, the other 5 children are living together.

Arun Vijay's sister's daughter Diya - Dhillon's wedding which happened in a hurry! In a united family.. Vanitha is missing!

But Anita vijayakumar is the only daughter in the vijayakumar family who has not acted on screen. Anita Vijayakumar, born in 1973, is a doctor. Anita married a doctor named Gokul Krishnan and settled in Qatar. They have a daughter and a son.

Anita's daughter Thea is also a doctor. She also got engaged to Thilan last year. The related photos then went viral. In this situation, Diya - Thilan's wedding took place last monday in a grand manner.

Diya's wedding celebrations took place in the last one week like bandhakal, mehndi ceremony, sangeet, haldi function. Not only Vijayakumar's entire family but also various film celebrities participated in the grand wedding of diya and Dilan, which took place the day before yesterday. Rajinikanth, Prabhu, Sineke, Prachanna, Bhagyaraj, Meena, K.S. Many celebrities including Ravikumar, jayam ravi attended.

However, Vanitha was not the only one invited to this wedding ceremony. Vijayakumar's family refused to accept Vanitha despite her repeated attempts to reunite her with her family. But a video of Vanitha's son Sri hari dancing at this wedding is going viral on the internet.

Sri hari was born to Vanitha and her first husband Akash. As Vanitha divorced her husband, the court allowed srihari to stay with her father. It is noteworthy that he grew up in the house of his father and grandfather

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