Kollywood industry director Imayam Bharathiraja's granddaughter Mathivathini has directed a short film for her school, so congratulations are pouring in for her.

Bharathiraja is the most popular director in the tamil film industry for directing village films. He is the role model for many of today's leading directors who have given innumerable humorous films. He also has a son named Manoj. Manoj, who initially appeared in a few films as an actor, later took the reins as a director.

Last year, the movie Margazhi Dingal was released under his direction. Manoj bharathiraja worked as an assistant director to director Shankar. As successive directors are emerging in the family, Bharathiraja's granddaughter and Manoj's daughter Madivathini has taken the reins as a director.It was ahuge surpurise to her.

He is directing a short film for the school he attends. bharathiraja acted in that short film. Bharathiraja, who was amazed to see the amazing talent of Asatum Bethi at a young age, called her in person and praised her and congratulated her for doing a good job in directing. A video about it has been released and is going viral on social media. Stay tuned for more updates.

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