Vishwak Sen is developing Gaami, an exciting thriller. The film, which is being directed by Vidyadhar Kagita, will feature the actor as an Aghora. Before the film's premiere, Vishwak offered some fascinating behind-the-scenes information. "Just after my debut movie came out, Vidyadhar told me this anecdote. 

The budget for this film would have been above 100 Cr if it had been produced in a shorter amount of time. Such a narrative was never tried by anyone. We have already made the decision to arrive at that time with such outstanding quality. I'm hoping the movie is being released at the appropriate time.

Over the years, Vishwak rose to prominence as one of the most well-liked celebrities. The actress claims that Gaami was unaffected by it, nevertheless. "We took steps to ensure my image won't affect the film. The film was not created with all the calculations in mind. I didn't receive anything for the film.

The actor claims that he gave his appearance in the film the utmost attention. "I used to spend 15 days before the shoot getting ready for my role so I could obtain that appearance. The director had done the study required for the Aghora post. There are several lakhs of Aghoras at Kumbha Mela. They and I used to get along. Many also offered money believing me to be an Aghora. Every day this film was a challenge. We took our shots at -30 degrees.

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