Actress parul gulati slammed for buying house in Goa!!!

Actress and entrepreneur parul gulati is facing backlash after revealing that she has bought a house in goa which she intends to turn into an Airbnb rental. Gulati recently appeared on a podcast with ‘finfluencer’ sharan Hegde where she spoke about investing in real estate. The founder of Nish Hair revealed that she is currently paying off a property in goa which, when complete, will generate a second revenue stream for her. The 29-year-old actress and entrepreneur, said that she has to pay the last installment of ₹25 lakh to complete the construction of her villa in Nerul, Goa. When the construction is complete, the villa – which comes with a pool – will be put up on Airbnb.

Gulati estimates that the 2BHK villa will generate a rental yield of ₹40,000 a day. She intends to call it “Malkin’s House” and promote it on instagram - the same platform which helped her build a ₹50 crore business. A clip of her interaction with finance influencer sharan Hegde was shared on instagram earlier this month, where it has generated outrage. Goans, in particular, seemed to be unhappy with Gulati’s plan of buying property in the state only for commercial purposes. Many people took to the comments section to slam her, claiming that a recent profusion of hotels, Airbnbs, pubs and clubs have spoilt the pristine beauty of the beach state.

“This is such a shame. Goan here. Our government officials insult us and we are disregarded when we ask for land communidade or otherwise. But these outsiders are getting villas,” wrote one commenter. “Please destroy goa ... the vibe, the forests, the hills and the land of my ancestors. Don't worry. Our politicians are with you. They don't care about goa or Goans,” another said.

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