Drishti Dhami is going to become a mother…

Drishti Dhami is one of the popular tv actresses. She has made her mark in every household with the show Madhubala. The actress has made a different place in the hearts of people with her acting. The actress is very active on social media. Drishti is enjoying a happy married life with her husband Neeraj. Now after 9 years of marriage, the actress has shared good news with the fans. 'Madhubala' fame actress Drishti Dhami has given good news to the fans through a post.

Drishti Dhami is going to become a mother after 9 years of marriage

TV industry's popular actress Drishti Dhami is pregnant after nine years of marriage. Recently, the actress has announced her pregnancy on social media. Drishti has shared a video in which Drishti Dhami and her husband are wearing white T-shirts. It is written on Drishti's T-shirt - 'In preparation for becoming a mother', while on Neeraj's T-shirt it is written - 'In preparation for becoming a father'. Also, the couple is holding a board in their hands, on which it is written that they are going to welcome their baby in October.

In the shared video, it can be seen that Drishti Dhami and her husband Neeraj are holding a glass of wine in their hands, but after this their family takes the glass of wine from their hands and gives them a bottle of milk. Also, the poster in the couple's hands reads - 'Be it pink (girl) or blue (boy), all we know is that we are grateful.'

The couple will welcome the baby in October

At the same time, in the caption of the video, Drishti Dhami wrote, 'Not too far away, soon a little baby is joining us. Please send us love, blessings and French fries. The baby is on the way. We are eagerly waiting for October.' On this post of the actress, many stars including ankita lokhande and mouni roy have congratulated the couple. Let us tell you that after dating each other for 6 years, the actress took seven vows with Neeraj. Drishti tied the knot with Neeraj in the year 2015. Many tv celebs attended their wedding.

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