Mahesh babu,Costumes & Stylist,Entertainment,Cinematography,Dialogues,First Half, Production Values,Couple of Songs.Mahesh babu,Costumes & Stylist,Entertainment,Cinematography,Dialogues,First Half, Production Values,Couple of Songs.Predictable Screenplay, Thin Storyline, Dragged Second Half, Songs, Fights,Editing

G. Shankar (Mahesh Babu), an orphan boy finds shelter in the house of Raja (Rajendra Prasad). Shankar was sent to jail for committing a crime, when he was a kid. He comes out of the jail as an eccentric Police offer Encounter Shankar. He is posted to Bokkapatnam and he decides to clear local goon Damodhar (Sonu Sood) issues with the natives. As Shankar goes about confronting Damodhar’s assistants, he comes across Saroja (Tamannaah) and falls in love with her. At this time, Raja’s son and Damodhar has a small flash back. What would be that past? Did Shankar succeed in eliminating bad elements from Bokkapatnam? Forms the rest of the storyline.

Telling something about the performance of Superstar Mahesh Babu is like a sin. He once again charms his fans with his charisma and he moulds well in this role. His punch lines in Rayalaseema dialect earned huge response. Tamannaah Bhatia tries her best to put up a good show, but her over confidence clearly shows on the face which turns her otherwise okay performance into an average one. Brahmanandam, Posani Krishna Murali, Vennala Kishore and Prudhvi failed to tickle the funny bones. The biggest disappointment was Sonu Sood as a villain who never really is daunting nor is even comic. Brahmaji and Rajendra Prasad although present in the film, are not given substantial characters. Nasser’s role is similar to his character in Baadshah. Shruti Haasan is red hot in ”Junction lo Function” song.

To begin with, Movie is simple, formulaic and too gutless to defy the safe path, Aagadu is made purely with an eye on the box office. It’s a film that puts all its weight on the shoulders of Mahesh Babu, hoping that his charm, stunts, his punch lines and antics would make up for all the creative privation on the part of the writers and director. The story line chosen cannot be said good and the screen play should have been more punctilious. Movie has mainly inspired from Dookudu, Gabbar Singh, Chinnodu and Ontari. As a director, Srinu Vaitla treads the safe path and follows the foot prints of his blockbuster Dookudu, neither daring to experiment nor displays entertainment.

Cinematography by K V Guhan is major asset of the film. In fact, it’s his top notch camera angles, lighting and placements which keep you seated till the end. Musically the sound track is not as per the standards of Srinu Vaitla movies. Except for Naari Naari and Aagadu title track, all other songs, simply don’t impress. The background score especially in the action sequences is fairly good. The major drawback in the technical side is fight choreography, every punch and the kick just makes every goon fly away by a mile, totally unrealistic. Choreographer Prem Rakshith worked a bit more on the formations rather elevating the song with his steps. Editor MR Varma could have easily cut short the film by 20 odd minutes. It is a movie with rich production values. 14 Reels did not show compromise in any department.

In all, Aagadu is a half hearted project made only to earn some quick profits. The story is predictable which is fine, but it’s gravely written. There’s not enough drama, action, build up of story and failed to carry emotions. Looking at the track record of Mahesh Babu, Srinu Vaitla and 14 Reels, a very polished, well worked upon and entertaining movie was being expected from the trio. But sadly, we have to admit here, that Aagadu falls way short of what was being projected by the makers. The movie could have been a different experience all together, only if it had an entertaining script, Promising atmosphere, crisp editing and hummable tracks. In the nutshell, Aagadu has less engaging and entertaining moments, hence it turns to be a tedious journey.

7:30am Again.. Climax is draining.. The whole movie wa was so good .. It deserves better pre climax and climax Actually overall Second Half..

7:15am But it was very clear that the Brahmi's Face is not in sync with rest of the body.. Must be work of CG but it was poor.. People must have enjoyed real dance of Brahmi...Brahmi episode was highlights of Baadshah but here it has not added as much calue as needed

7:13am Okay again Baadshah movie reference.. Antyakshari episode of Baadshah is recreated in the form of Brahmi Medley....

7:10am Brahmanandam is blocked all the way and lengthy episode of Villain with Bramhi created confusion in theatre not so good...

7:07am The way revenge plot is revolving.. Seem to be reducing heroism from the theatre.

7:03am Twist over twist is good.. Bramhi's presence is adding the needed comedy Central element... But the problem is should a hero be so cruel.. Yeah the plot demands Revenge but can't it be creative, Heroic?

7:01am With about thirty background dancers.. Hilly locations.. Smiley face of Prince.. Thamans foot tapping music, Nice Costumes very good dance moments... Brings Nari - Nari Song.

6:57am Off to Engagement episode of Mahesh Babu and Tamanna Comic episode... It is alright... But the main story track seem to be on hold .. Pace of the Movie seem to getting slowdown.... Can't stop comparing his roo m with Baadshah... Family episode.. which has put the main story on hold for the sake of bringing in laughs.... Which were good on screen and audience whistled a lot but the whole movie bagged not so good talk as the concentration on story line was not as needed...

6:55am Mahesh Babu imitating Mohan Babu and delivering dialogies was good...

6:53am The way Bramhanandam and Mahesh are having conversations is thoughtfully filmed....

6:51am Mahesh Babu Twist number two.. Being played on SP.... Ashish Vidyarthi is good as usual...

6:50am Database Danayya champestunnaadu Soooper comedy without having a smile on his face at the same time making entire theater go twirl...

6:47am Posani Krishna Murali, Raghu Babu, Nalla Seenu maintained all the way .. In the movie it is good.

6:45amMahesh Babu twists Started with having delhi soori at his end.

6:45am Dialogue : Samudram lo padavalu, Partners Madhya Godavalu Common....

6:42am And imagine what .... None other than Brahmi as Delhi Soori..

6:40am MS Narayana as Database Danayya giving information about Delhi Soori… sets the ground for introducing Delhi sooori..

6:39amSruthi Hassan husky expressions, Nice costumes, energetic mass steps added with Mahesh babu Grace in dance and screen presence.. Backed with producers grand production values.

6:37amJunction lo song.. Thanmans Dick Chick sounds are subdued with the hall full shouts in theater.

6:36amOkay, Sruthi Hassan started Sizzling on screen. Good idea of introducing her on stage behind poster on fire..

6:34am Get ready for Sreenu Vaitla and Mahesh Babu Aagadu Movie Item song..

6:32am Why Nazaar is playing so comedy role without much meat so far.. He is entertaining but he can do lot more... Hope he gets better paly..

6:30am Dialogue : Mee suggestion ni opposition vallu koodaa kaadanaleru..

6:28am Enough sentiment is at play.. Onto powerful action... Hopr Sreenu don't slow the pace of Movie...

6:22am Okay, flash back and Rajendra Prasad brought into limelight as father of Mahesh babu . And immediately one mor twist form sonu sood. Movie is taking serous turn everything is alright.. bit of drama but everything helping movie.

6:20am Song wood as Damodar wasn’t given enough play so far… but the first twist in the movie from sonu sood is to good.

6:15am Right form the first scence of Aagadu till break to break (title) card movie proceeded with brisk pace…. Brought Heroicness, cute yet Handsomeness of Mahesh babu of Mahesh along with his stunning dialogues delivery and the right mix of villainy, Family, love , homely girl as heroine and tons of entertainment two good songs and all good. first half is brilliantly mass entertain I’ve….


6:07am Mahesh babu new scheme in fight.. ‘ nannu kottadam kaadurea touch chesinna nenu odipoyenatte. Fight was intelligently choreographed by fight master. Sreenu Vaitla mark is seen in every bit. Followed by emotional yet full of punch dialogus of brahaaji about police and about as aagadu brought interval Break to break..

6:05am Quick Doubts; Sonu sold as villain Mahesh as hero the whole plot is reveals and reaching to its end. But even interval hasn’t approached Are we looking at having more villains or flashback I. The second half such as in Baadshaah.. Hope sreenu Vaitla didn’t meke Aagadu Movie as kichidi.

5:59am:Bramhaji was seen in the beginning and he is part of the Mahesh team but not seen so far bur now His re entry has brought seriousness back in the game..

5:45am: Have you enjoyed Dookudu Chulbuli song? Version2.0 of that is here i AAGADU Movie Review in the Bhelpuri song.. THAMAN SS Track and beat is good with Energetic dance sequence of Mahesh Babu, Milky Beauty Tamanna Glamour added their values to make this one enjoyed. Producers should be appreciated for the grandier of movie..

5:33am: Back to family track, Tanikella bharani, Harsha Vardhan and etc… Are doing alright. Naazar as dakshina moorthy and episodes between him and Mahesh babu are kewl..

5:29am: 2 minutes of dance tune and Mahesh mass dance for the is too good...

5:27am: Vennela Kishore as judge of game reminded his character in dookudu...

5:25am: The whole reality game show to reveal the secrets of Posaani is too entertaining.. Aagadu Movie is scoring all plausible brownies so far…..

5:23am: Mahesh babu Aagadu Movie is making use of Meelo Evaru Koteshwarudu and following Omkar style is good..

5:19am: Posaani Krishna Murali entrance as Sampangee.. Mahesh SVSC Story in a Funny manner is awesome..

5:16am: Dialogue : Map lese police vaadike map Yestaaraa....

5:15am: Good Vargin locations, Nature beauty at it peaks with added good Cinematography present ‘ Thoo Aja saroja ‘ But is is not suiting to Mahesh babu … and the slow song supposed to be melody duet but mixed with high dick – chick dick chick sounds of thaman made this song a passable one....

5:07am: Tamanna and Mahesh babu looks, Costumes and styles are so good. Stylist Should be appreciate for this....

5:05am: Vaanapaamu, Firangee, Sampangee names of Vallaing batch is very funny...

5:00am: Screenplay is moving at risk pace full gripping and entertaining at the same time elevating heroism and continuing story in background is too good.. Family audience and Mahesh babu fans are entertained to the core so far .. Aagadu is too good Aagadu Review is turning out to be tough as the screenplay not get bing any gaps to coulpup with the pace

4:56am: MS Narayana as lawer Database Dannayaaa and the way he was used by the Mahesh Babu to flirt with Saroja is lot better than Gabbar Singh Hero - Herione episode....

4:55am: Tamanna as Saroja and intro of his family through MS Narayana as Database Daanayyaa and advertisements of Saroja Sweets is too good...

4:54am: Tamannah as Cute girl in half saree.. distributing sweets to kids roadside Mahesh babu eye on that girl and the conversation with Nazar about flirting her is funny...

4:53am: Raghu babu as firangi entered.. Nazar funny episode in market is hahaha...

4:52am: Nalla Seenu episode is funny yet elevated heroism and help to the business...

4:51amDialogues. indigo pantulu gaaru audio function lo heroin pogidinattu pogada makandi

4:50am: So far, so good.. extremely good. Mehesh babu Aagadu is to good in the first 30 mins. it doesn't even give gap for taking your looks off the screen..

4:59am: Man, Mahesh dialogues in tong twister manner in Godavari Slang is too good.. You would need to see the movie multiple times to totally enjoy this.. .

4:58am: Mahesh CI entry in to his Bukkapatnam Police Station and his team of Police men is too good.. .

4:57am: Dialogues, Dialogues, Dialogues, Vornaaino... Punch meeda. punch.. too much anni punch lo too much gaaa peltunnai.. .

4:56am: Mahesh as CI with modern fashion looks, white shirt sooper class ga vunnadu...

4:55am: Entry of Rao Ramesh Nazar, Vennela Kishore is alright.....

4:54am: Sonu Sood.. Entry as powerful but entertainive villain is alright but Ravi Shankar Dubbling could have been better.....

4:53am: Bokehy Photograph Factory Background, Many people in the background with guns, SS Thaman Ear Juggling sounds presents first song Reminds Dookudu in mosts parts.....

4:52am: Pokiri last scenes of Revealing Mahesh Babu asa Police is Reminded in this first intro itself.......

4:51am: No fan would ask more stylish, Heroic Entertain intro for Mahesh Babu, Well done Sreenu Vaitla.....

4:50am: Okay, There you go with Sreenu Vaitla style old Factory backdrop chase and Mahesh Babu is belt at is. Fans in the Theatres are making sounds which is making a DTS sounds a merry rat sound...

4:49am: Rowdy group dialogues reminds A big family in Hollywood....

4:47am: Mahesh Babu entry in police dress but in his own classic but rough loons with mix of Kamedy...

4:45am: Nuvvu dialogue vests counter veyataaniki nenu writer ni kaadu fighterni...

4:40am: Balisina kodi chiken shop kochi thodakkotindantaaa

4:35am: CI Gaarochaaru, Salute cheyyakunda Yerri mokaaleskuni coothaareraaaa?

4:30am: HAI Telugu Movie lovers Good Morning welcome to the for Tweets Live Updates of AAGADU Movie....

Mahesh Fans and Celebrities Tweets on #Aagadu Movie :

yaswanth @kyvskumar : #Aagadu trending indiawide

Maheshbabu Fan Club ?@MaheshBabu_FC Sep : For #Aagadu Benefit Show Tickets @ 7AM,Melody Theatre,Vizag..Contact Nikhilesh-9160163166 @urstrulyMahesh @roopavaitla @14reelsofficial

ABO.. #Aagadu #Power @AndhraBoxOffice : Its Confirmed that #Aagadu will have Subtitles for Outside South Screens in India & Overseas. Kerala & some Screens in TN & KA also.

ABO.. #Aagadu #Power @AndhraBoxOffice : Around 200 Multiplexes - 750 Shows all over India.. #Aagadu gets the widest release ever for a South Indian film

ABO.. #Aagadu #Power @AndhraBoxOffice : Its approx $203K now #Aagadu

Party Time Super Fans....Blockbuster Talk from Premieres...Superstar's Show all the way ...

ABO.. #Aagadu #Power @AndhraBoxOffice : Dubai show of #Aagadu is happening.. London Eastham.. not sure.. yet.. #Aagadu

ABO.. #Aagadu #Power @AndhraBoxOffice : As the 1st shows in Telugu states scheduled to start in 3 more hours.. it is #AD 's 10.75Cr AP/N Share Record that's #Aagadu will be eyeing..

ABO.. #Aagadu #Power @AndhraBoxOffice : Decent Early Reports for #Aagadu .. Talk Should pick up with Regular shows.

ABO.. #Aagadu #Power @AndhraBoxOffice : It is Good that Overseas Prints of #Aagadu are Uncut and free from Bullshit Censor cuts that are being suggested esp in Hyd, CBFC.

ABO.. #Aagadu #Power @AndhraBoxOffice : $225K already and not even a Show started yet!. #aagadu (USA)

14 Reels @14reelsofficial : SuperStar #Aagadu The movie is all set to take an Earth Shattering start at the BO tomorrow!

vennela kishore @vennelakishore : #Aagadu movie caption can be "connecting people"..getting non-stop phone calls from long lost friends asking movie tickets first n then hru?

?a?i Aagadu @mysterioues : houseful boards all over.. #crazy #superstar #Aagadu

Aagadu @RockF5MSD : #aagadu will break all the records in tollywood

?a?i Aagadu @mysterioues : worldwide #superfans are really crazy #SuperstarAagadu @14reelsofficial @ErosNow @urstrulymahesh

14 Reels Entertainment 6 mins · Aagadu Will Be Truly SuperStar's One Man Show & Feast For The SuperFans! A Total Full Length Entertainer!

#Hyderabad Trends #SuperstarAagadu @14reelsofficial @ErosNow @MusicThaman @tamannaahspeaks

?a?i Aagadu @mysterioues : #Encountershankar landing .... #SuperstarAagadu

ABO.. #Aagadu #Power @AndhraBoxOffice : Its Sep 19...Most awaited film of the Year....All The Very Best to the Whole Team & Trade for #Aagadu ..

SS Rajamouli : Aagadu releasing today. Best wishes to entire team

?a?i Aagadu @mysterioues : The less you respond to negative people, the more peaceful life will become.


ABO.. #Aagadu #Power @AndhraBoxOffice : #Aagadu FinalLists Vizag (110) Guntur(82) Krishna

#Aagadu Premier Live from Sree Ramulu: (3) Show hasn't started yet. SUPER fans SUPER angry for the SUPER delay!

SST @MusicThaman : Hi guys :) all excited about #Aagadu releasing TOM :) hope u all love it :) ??#superstar #supermass

#Aagadu 1st half done, Mahesh did his part. Comedy is just ok. Dialogues & Fights ??. Par below as of now.

Survi ?@PavanSurvi : #Aagadu Slow & Predictable till interval... With few Inspirations... Full marks to Mahesh though for acting.

?? Telanganaboxoffice® @TS_BoxOffice: SUPERSTAR'S ONE MAN SHOW, RECORDS WILL BE REWRITTEN #Aagadu

veedu All time No.1 @simply_gokul : Mahesh fans dancelu eyataniki lungi's...Anti fans kallu thuduchukotaniki kerchiefs ready cheskondi... #Aagadu

santhoshnethi ?@santhoshnethi1 11h @MaheshBabuNews @14reelsofficial @ErosNow @MusicThaman @tamannaahspeaks …

Survi @PavanSurvi : . @shrutihaasan sizzled in "Nee Junction" song in #Aagadu... Fans just gone crazy...

Survi @PavanSurvi : #Aagadu Slow & Predictable till interval... With few Inspirations... Full marks to Mahesh though for acting.

???? Survi @PavanSurvi : "Vadukunnolaku Vadukunnantha" anna concept Srinu Vaitla baaga vaduthunnadu #Aagadu #UpdateAvvandra...

?? Survi @PavanSurvi : Oppukuntanu, Bokkaptanam lo Pudingi unnadu, kani naa deggara vadiki MOGADU unnadu... #Aagadu #EncounterShankar..

Survi @PavanSurvi : Poragadu kadhu veedu POKIRI, veedu Police officer avuthe veedi DOOKUDU ni evaru appaleru #Aagadu

?? Survi @PavanSurvi : #Showtime - #Aagadu - a "UA" certified 165.22 Minutes movie.

?? HitOrPhat Official ?@HitOrPhat : #Aagadu BO wise it might collect between 35-40 cr due to hype. Content wise, a poor film from Dhookudu combo. Disappointment for fans.

PawanK fan ?@ms_its_me : as a fan of a advice for super fans is to go for #aagadu without expectations though its tough

HitOrPhat Official @HitOrPhat : #Aagadu The End. Below average 2nd half with average 1st half. Mahesh did his part. Brahmi disappoints. Weak film for SV after Andarivadu.

AriGoldified ?@poetrification : Dickey balisina Anti vachchi house full board ki review cheppadanta. #Aagadu

Revenge For ReTweets ?@SRTrendulkar : "@gopi_tweetz: Alaa cinema assam vellindhi via us.. Fans mokhalu madipoyayi" Bob fans will say entire theatre are filled with antis #Aagadu

All the best to ?#?MaheshBabu? ,?#?SrinuVaitla? garu and the entire team of ?#?Aagadu? for the release tomorrow..

ranjíth símha ?@_Bujji_ : PREMIER Rating: 4/5 [Originally Rated 4.5 by Fans] #Aagadu …

HitOrPhat Official ?@HitOrPhat #Aagadu Climax time. Walk outs started.

HitOrPhat Official @HitOrPhat : #Aagadu Gabbarsingh Anthyakshari kind of spoof on Brahmi. Dancing for various songs. So far the only laughable moment in 2nd half.

Dubai report #Aagadu is same routine old wine in the old bottle.Excpt sum very few comedyscenes nothing great.Mahesh is amazing one man show

MaheshBabu_FC : ?#?Aagadu? theatre Standee put up by Super fans Poojitha, Giridhar & Kishore Pulipati at DC Cinemas, Virginia

Urstruly Sruthi ?@NehaSruthi : #Aagadu full lenght cmdy n entertainment mve. Mahesh acting dance punchs etc bst n bst.. tamanna n team suprb at thr parts.. BB #IH..

Umakanth ?@umakanthonline : SUPER HIT ...30 $ petti ticket konna complete satisfaction tho intiki veltharu.....emiana doubt unte urgent ga Update avvandi #Aagadu

#Nagfan ?@me__shiva : #Aagadu observing all tweets from the past 2 hrs .. entha insecurity noo fruit fans ki .. inko janma ethali mahesh acting lo sagam rataniki

HitOrPhat Official ?@HitOrPhat : #Aagadu No freshness in the scenes.. Same old scenes from Dhee to Badshah mix. Time for Naari naari song. No proper lead scene to the song.

yellai sarma ?@ayellai : #Aagadu Watched a good, decent, first half.. based on 2nd half, we can see is Aagadu a Hit / Superhit / Blockbuster / Industry Stunner

Happy New Zakir ?@surrealzakir : Most happiest man alive tommoro will be kona venkat #Aagadu

Maheshbabu Fan Club ?@MaheshBabu_FC : #Aagadu - New Working Still @SreenuVaitla @urstrulyMahesh @14reelsofficial

The Tollywood Movie ?@dtollywoodmovie : #Aagadu premiers are going on in overseas..Ap and TG shows yet to start..

Revenge For ReTweets ?@SRTrendulkar : "@krishna84: Anyways, lite overseas records ki dhoka ledu ?? #SuperstarArrived" Final verdict of #Aagadu by an mutual fan :uncatchable run..

urstrulyGangadhar ?@MutaGangadhar : Benfitshow Tho kalipi 5shows Tickets Booked :D Mrng 6am Theatre Ki velthe Midnight 12am ke Return To Home :D Happy #Aagadu day superfans ??

Survi @PavanSurvi : #Aagadu fails to thrill, excite or be moderately funny... Its hightime to party Gopi & Kona ??

HitOrPhat Official @HitOrPhat : #Aagadu Comedy between Brahmi and Mahesh going on. Revenge drama started using Brahmi.

HitOrPhat Official @HitOrPhat : #Aagadu Brahmi enters. Aaaat. Huge cheer for Brahmi

HitOrPhat Official @HitOrPhat : #Aagadu Time for the item song. Much needed break after the slow going second half. Where is Brahmi. We want Brahmi sirrrr

HitOrPhat Official @HitOrPhat : #Aagadu Finally into the story post interval. Why did he come to this village and what is his goal...

yellai sarma ?@ayellai : no doubt #Aagadu is full and full Telugu Commercial entertainer..

Bobby :) !! ?@Bobby_Bhai : "@midwestmoviesus: Manchester UK show cancelled close to 250 tickets @KKManiam ???? #Aagadu" @14reelsofficial manakii bokka avasaramaa..

Rakesh!!! ?@ryalla27 : Hearing that @shrutihaasan is smoking hot in #JunctionLo song #Aagadu ...

BOSS ?@chintu002 : I think #Aagadu would easily cross #Gabbarsingh in present scenario....hyd lo online lo sunday varaku all theatres almost full.

Ramesh Babu dhfm ?@GodiRb41 : #Aagadu movie tickets at Kuwait family tho going today @urstrulyMahesh @14reelsofficial @SreenuVaitla @varungds

Baddakam ?@Baddakam : London report #aagadu 1st half awsome..

report from movie lover Happy New Zakir ?@surrealzakir : Junction lo time.... Shruthi papa kummutundi.... So far ee song matrame fans ku oopu teppinchina scene/song in second half #Aagadu

Harsha ?@TheHarsha : Ma vullo 7 premier shows anta. First time ever for an Indian movie anukunta. #Aagadu

Revenge For ReTweets ?@SRTrendulkar : Analysis: Premier chusedi Fans & antis anukundam..ippatiki super talk aithe rala strict ga average+ talk decide #Aagadu

ABO.. #Aagadu #Power @AndhraBoxOffice It is Good that Overseas Prints of #Aagadu are Uncut and free from Bullshit Censor cuts that are being suggested esp in Hyd, CBFC...

Umakanth ?@umakanthonline : Antis..1st half complete avvagane hands up anesarenti.. plzz ela aina post some comedy tweets..maa entertainment maaku kavalisinde #Aagadu

HitOrPhat Official @HitOrPhat : #Aagadu 1st half is for front Benchers and hard core fans. Tamanna is irritating with her over action. Much hyped MEK spoof is also average.

$ HARISH REDDY $ ?@ursharishsai : Sleepless night @urstrulyMahesh @14reelsofficial #Aagadu fever eagerly waiting to watch it

???????????????? riazahamed ?@riazahamedmm : #Aagadu not impressive as of interval ..

HitOrPhat Official @HitOrPhat : #Aagadu : Another nonsense fight leads to intermission. Mahesh is the only positive so far. Nothing great comedy as well. Average 1st half.

Jasti ?@JastiYogesh : Mahesh career lo maro Khaleja(in terms of performance) + Dookudu(in terms of success) #Aagadu

Aravind ?@Aravind_MyDudo : No single GS shades as of now. All will understand after watching film . Let's wait for tomorrow..!! #Aagadu superb as of now - Report.

Ram d pokiri ?@sanjayprincefan : Overall super first half! Dialogues adiripoyayi..Motham Mahesh Mahesh & Mahesh anta #Aagadu..

Happy New Zakir ?@surrealzakir : So far mahesh, bhel poori song, meelo evaru potugadu skit, are the only highlights of the movie.... #Aagadu

Ram d pokiri ?@sanjayprincefan : First premier in US started #Aagadu -@PoojaDaPrincess

Vrinda ?? ?@vrindaprasad : Here's wishing you yet another blockbuster @urstrulyMahesh #Aagadu

yellai sarma ?@ayellai : #Aagadu Bhel Puri song is on now! Beautiful picturization & Attractive song on screen..

HitOrPhat Official ?@HitOrPhat : #Aagadu Srinu Vytla mark comedy. No proper story at all so far. Time for 3rd song.

HitOrPhat Official @HitOrPhat : #Aagadu Time for the second song. Few fun scenes here and there. Mahesh and Tamanna look beautiful in the song.

#Aagadu Time for the second song. Few fun scenes here and there. Mahesh and Tamanna look beautiful in the song.

HitOrPhat Official @HitOrPhat : #Aagadu : First 30 minutes into the film. Over the top introduction fight. Okay 1st song. Unwanted rhyming dialogues. Clumsy so far.

PawanK fan ?@ms_its_me : Srinu vaitla chala days tarvata rasadanuknta screenplay knchem diff style lo undi from hz previous #aagadu

ranjíth símha ?@_Bujji_ : +Ve Responce all over in Live Updates... A new Industry Hit is arrived... #Aagadu .. Congos @14reelsofficial @urstrulyMahesh @srinuvytla

Giridhar ?@thegirik : Show about to start... #Aagadu #excited

vamsi krishna ?@pvamk : Mahesh's mass step in the skit will make fans go crazy. #Aagadu

SIMoviesUSA ?@SIMoviesUSA : #Aagadu 1pm pst update $225k from 84 locs.Maintaining #1 in hourly gross.

MaheshBabu_FC : Aagadu Mania Huge Crowd @ Kuwait...Show starts at 9:30 PM local time (12:00AM IST)

Mahesh fan c/o EGDT ?@Princismsanjay : Interval Bang adirindhi... #Aagadu... Superb first half...Definitely Mahesh has got a winner... @14reelsofficial congrats..

Maheshbabu Fan Club ?@MaheshBabu_FC : #Aagadu standee put up by @PoojaDaPrincess ,@thegirik and kishore pulipati at DC cinemas, VA ???? @14reelsofficial

vamsi krishna ?@pvamk : A satirical sequence on all Mahesh movies, here is some serious fun. #Aagadu

Shooter ?@Direct_Shooter : #SrinuVaitla interview RT@ganeshravuri: @roopak04 video link idigondi … #Aagadu

PawanK fan ?@ms_its_me : second song picturization good:) #aagadu

Nitin Chakravarthy ?@Nitinreddy1111 : Seems like srinu vaitla continues his kind of satires on other heroes in this film too.. Some people never change..

MaheshBabu_FC : Superstar's Aagadu Cutout @ Sudarshan 35mm Junction lo function started Super Fans

yellai sarma ?@ayellai : New modulation of Superstar dialogues..Catchy and highly impressive.#Aagadu

MaheshBabu_FC : A Big Thanks to Mahesh Babu & Sreenuvaitla for making Aagadu a Special Film for me - Tamannaa...

MaheshBabu_FC : Our PRINCEMAHESH.COM Banner @ Sudarshan 35mm — with Praveenkumar Chowdary and 20 others.

MaheshBabu_FC : USA Super Fans getting ready in a grand way for 'Aagadu' Festival — with Sai Simmons and 6 others.

PawanK fan ?@ms_its_me : vennela kishore samba character laga everything note chestadu #aagadu

MaheshBabu_FC : Super Fans Hoardings @ Aagadu Theatres Do send the hungama at ur nearest theatres — with Harshita Garg and 3 others.

MaheshBabu_FC : Only Few Hrs left for first premiere of Aagadu Get ready for Superstar's super show super fans — with Swae'Rohit Mrf and 3 others.

MaheshBabu_FC : The Day has finally arrived...Aagadu Mania All Over — with Crazziiee Anki and Ravikumar Bhajentri.

?@TeluguTheatre : Mahesh and Fish venkat comedy track , 2nd fight - Full updates #Aagadu

sonu sood ?@SonuSood : Tom is the release of #Aagadu a film that is so close to my heart. Thanks a ton @SreenuVaitla sir @14reelsofficial 4 such a fab experience.

Pa?a? ?al?a? ?@Kushalreddyr : Few more #Aagadu snaps

Happy New Zakir ?@surrealzakir : Mahesh first time police station lo enter ayye scene lo nazar n mahesb dialogues bagunnayi.... #AAGADU

14 Reels ?@14reelsofficial : #Aagadu Jeep will be at Mallikarjuna theatre for the benefit show at 4 AM!

Rakesh!!! ?@ryalla27 : Follow Eastham London #Aagadu show updates here :) we will not leak anything :) :D … Ashok Reddy ?@ashok_9786 : Trailer lo unna dialogues anni first fight lone chesada hmm #Aagadu

¦ I am Sowmitri ¦ ?@sowmitrik : Srinu Vaitla might have failed as director but he never failed in comedy department & I hope Aagadu is no different.

eluru movies369 @movies369 : ALL LEGEND NBK Fan's ATB To @urstrulyMahesh @SreenuVaitla @14reelsofficial @AnilSunkara1 @RaamAchanta @MusicThaman For The Release "AAGADU"

Happy New Zakir ?@surrealzakir : Finally finally started.... #Aagadu....

AHITEJA ?@ahiteja666 : Best Wishes to Team #Aagadu ..Maa Drtctr @SreenuVaitla gariki special wishes :):).. watchng benefit show at Viswanath

Peace is.....IN ?@Iam_Suryaa : Though i donn lik reels over exaggeratd tweets n records... i admire the work of srinu vaitla sir mahesh sir:) wish #Aagadu v. Big success:)

#SuprajaReddy ?@RaajiSpr : Class n Mass Redefined. First screening #Aagadu Dubayi Show Yet to start...

ram achanta ?@RaamAchanta : #AAGADU Crowd In Dubai Theater.1600 Capacity Screen SoldOut For The First Time As Per Dubai Distributor Report.

Prabhu ?@PowerStarrFan : Reached Reading... Show in another 30 mins.. #Aagadu

moviezz lover ?@MoviezzLover : #Aagadu Update:: Special Thanks to PawanKalyan garu and HarishShankar garu :P

KalyanFanatic ?@gowrav_pk : I have extra ticket for 6a.m show for #Aagadu at Tirumala theatre Bangalore. Cost 150rs. If anybody intrested contact me. @ynakg RT Pls

vennela kishore @vennelakishore : #Aagadu movie caption can be "connecting people"..getting non-stop phone calls from long lost friends asking movie tickets first n then hru?

brazen_dude ?@brazen_dude : #Aagadu gudiwada report... below avg... babu mimicked PSPK in most of the scenes... shame

Aagadu Industry HIT ?@SaiBaahubali : #Aagadu premier show started at 2 places

SAI_RAMCHARAN ?@thepawanist : denema rofl max .."@tatabirla2014 Dallas premiere started #aagadu #mass"

Gopi Mohan @Gopimohan : "Aagadu" releasing grandly tomorrow to entertain http://us.Best Wishes to Srinu Vaitla ji,Superstar Mahesh,14 Reels, @MusicThaman :)

#Aagadu Spoof/Spoof ?@SRTrendulkar : "@myself_siva: dinemma LOL"@tumbri1734: Dallas premiere started #aagadu #mass

14 Reels ?@14reelsofficial : Fake updates all over! Shows are yet to start!

tumbri ?@tumbri1734 : Dallas premiere started #aagadu #mass

Manishi ?@endhuku : Kuwait update: Saroja song time . Mahesh colourful blazers lo super screen presence! #Aagadu

Hemanth Kumar C R ?@crhemanth : Feels like I'm preparing for an seminar tomorrow morning...night out guaranteed... #I and #Aagadu songs to the rescue

RJV ?@RJV4U : Mahesh dialogue in #Aagadu Oye.. Regressive Papa.. Itu Raaa!!! #SrinuVaitla back in action :))

14 Reels ?@14reelsofficial : SuperStar #Aagadu

Ram_movies ?@ramrockzzzzzz : #aagadu movie starts with flash back of ragendraprasad @Raghava4mahesh RT fr updates

Manishi ?@endhuku : Kuwait update: Thamanna a new officer assumes Mahesh as SI in the police station and tries to dominate . Hillarious comedy going on #Aagadu

yaswanth ?@kyvskumar : Advance bookings thote reported numbers chepthunna film #Aagadu

Boxofficetelugu ?@boxofficeusa : #Aagadu as of 12 CST reported $200,000 from 81 locations. theaters waiting for kdms to open online tickets in few more locations.

Maddy ?@urstrulymaddy : suba raju tho starting scene aa. Inko 7 hours lo na show #aagadu

Ganesh Ravuri ?@ganeshravuri : Here's My Interview with Director Sreenu Vaitla … #Aagadu

#AAGADU REVIEW : Rajesh ?@Raj_Superfan : @TFI_Virus @Baddakam Here it is review of #Aagadu by Dubai friend.. Manishi ?@endhuku : Kuwait update: Movie starts with Rajendra Prasad's flashback #Aagadu

S R Sekkhar (shiva) ?@SrSekkhar Best wishes to #Aagadu. Few more hours to watch him in Action. Waiting ikkadaa... Aagamu ekkadaa.. Aagadu original tweets started at 4:30am on 19th morning...

#AAGADU REVIEW : Fakingnews_Tollywood ?@Rajesh_l_ : Charlotte to be renamed as Aagadunagar.. OS Craze..#Aagadu...

VamsiKaka ?@vamsikaka : #Aagadu Charlotte 7:30 pm show sold out. 9 pm show added.. #USAPremieres

VamsiKaka ?@vamsikaka : Overseas lo Mahesh Babu craze unbeatable.#Aagadu likely to collect $500K only frm Thursday Premieres (If the disks reach on time).

MaheshBabu_FC with Anji Reddy and Surendra Reddy : Hungama at Annapurna Theatre, Vijayawada

Neeraja Kona ?@NeerajaKona : Watching the premier show #Aagadu at 6pm here in Scottsdale AZ... ???.. Just like old times! #US #friends ??

#Aagadu Spoof/Spoof ?@SRTrendulkar : Again sreenu vaitla depended on spoofs, new writers one liners okay songs picturization good, content wise dukudu 2 less sentiment #Aagadu

Aagadu Telugu Movie Review........

SKN ?@SKNonline : Wishing @urstrulyMahesh @SRINU_VYTLA garlu @tamannaahspeaks @shrutihaasan @MusicThaman All The Best for #Aagadu release ??

RJV ?@RJV4U : Few more hours for Mahesh's #Aagadu...will be watching at 6 am ( Time ki esthe) ... Best wishes to the Team ... #Excited

The Tollywood Movie ?@dtollywoodmovie : All the best to #Aagadu releasing worldwide 2marow in highest number of screens..

Raghavendra Rao K ?@Ragavendraraoba : Best wishes to Mahesh Babu and the entire team of #Aagadu. Will be watching it tomorrow. Hoping its a Blockbuster.

IE entertainment ?@ScreenIndia : Read: @urstrulyMahesh 's ‘Aagadu’ to release in record number of screens in US …

First on Net: Aagadu review by UK reviewers....

@CatchmeAnuRag : due to print delay, today's premiere is cancelled.All shows are confirmed from saturday.. #Canada #Aagadu.

The Tollywood Movie ?@dtollywoodmovie : #Aagadu overseas records vl start very soon...premiers are on time...babu already land ayipoyadu

#aagadu @aagadu_mahesh : #Aagadu is all set to take an Earth Shattering start at the BO tomorrow! @urstrulyMahesh @tamannaahspeaks @SreenuVaitla #SuperstarIsComing

SST ?@MusicThaman : Hi guys :) all excited about #Aagadu releasing TOM :) hope u all love it :) ??#superstar #supermass

Cinema World ?@WorldOfCinemas : '#Aagadu' releasing worldwide tomorrow, the film is generating a lot of buzz... US & Canada - 170 Theaters...

Manoj Venky ?@manoj_victory : Repu mrg Shw #Melody Going to watch #Aagadu

Mahesh Babu Fans ?@onlymaheshfans : Guys keep tweeting using the hashtag #Aagadu interesting tweets will be RTd!

Kartheek Nagineni ?@IamdrKartheek : Don't believe if anyone posting wrong updates of #Aagadu film, world 1st premier show is at MASCOT at 8:30pm IST.

actor_rahul ?@RAHULorTYSON : Hopin #aagadu becomes a blockbuster.yayyy meee watchin tomrw.all the best to d team

#EncounterShankar ?@ItsVenkatT : "@vivek_venkyfan: #Aagadu releasing tomorrow. All the best to Mahesh Babu & Fans @ursbobby @ItsVenkatT @Indian_Cinema_" Thanks Vivek

CineGalaxy ?@CineGalaxyUSA : #Aagadu - Dallas folks, Irving 4 shows sold out, Adding 2 additional premieres in FunAsia Richardson location ( )

14 Reels Entertainment : Dubai, Australia, London, USA or India; be it any centre, all one can see is a Sold-out or a House-full Board! Aagadu is all set to take an Earth Shattering start at the BO tomorrow! SuperFans it's time for some Hulchul now! Join the event, Invite your friends and answer a question here ->

#aagadu @aagadu_mahesh : stories dorakka remake perutho copy kottatam kadu...@urstrulyMahesh always No remake policy. That is #superstar #Aagadu #sUperStaRiscOming

Received drives to all OHIO locations premiers confirmed #Aagadu

.... ?@ynakg : New Jersey 4 locations varaku judt advance bookings tho #AttarintikiDaredi Premiers count ni cross chesindi #Aagadu

14 Reels ?@14reelsofficial : SuperStar #Aagadu The movie is all set to take an Earth Shattering start at the BO tomorrow!

sirasri ?@sirasri : Expectations on #Aagadu are not just touching the sky. They ripped the sky and rushing beyond Earth's Orbit and Galaxies. Longing to watch.

YATHI™ ?@ursyathi : #Aagadu releasing on tomorrow, All the very best to @urstrulyMahesh @MusicThaman @14reelsofficial & all super fans.

sai suhas ?@SaiSuhas : So mana @urstrulymahe boss ki tomorrow rounds veskovachu! #Aagadu #Superstar

Mahi Manju ?@Mahi_Manju : LOL ! Crazy too much update ayaru :p ! #Aagadu @urstrulyMahesh



Tarak Die Hard Fan ?@SAMs143NTR : Kukatpally Mahesh fans #Aagadu bookings opened for bramarambha complex @easymovies grab ur tickets

SARKAR ?@sunil77132 : Sources: say 1st half 90+ min & 2nd half 70+ min #Aagadu

KrIsHNa? ?@Balaram_Raju : #Aagadu is aspecial film for me : @tamannaahspeaks read here - @14reelsofficial

Arun ?@euniverse800 : Just got my #Aagadu tickets from Satyam Cinemas :) Time To Rock \m/

Mahesh Babu Fans ?@onlymaheshfans : All those who booked tickets for #Aagadu join here :D @urstrulyMahesh @14reelsofficial …

HappyBirthdayPrabhas ?@Prabhas_sandy : #Aagadu ’s middle east screening details @Bharath_7kumar @sharathpalle94 …

HappyBirthdayPrabhas ?@Prabhas_sandy : Exclusive Photos : Fans Hungama at #Aagadu ’s longest Police Belt Event @GodiRb41 @sharathpalle94

Aravind Balaji ?@aravindbalaji25 : All The Best to @urstrulyMahesh #AAGADU Team & #SuperFans

SARKAR ?@sunil77132 : As per my sources, 1st half excellent & 2nd half initial 30 min will be slow down little bit, & last 20 min will be the highlight #Aagadu

*R*A*G*H*U* ?@BeUrSelf1991 : Craze redefined #Aagadu INOX GOA show sold out on 19th :)

sitaram chakilam ?@sitaramchakilam : how many of u r going to watch Encounter Shankar's NEW ATTITUDE ON DUTY tomorrow ???????? #Aagadu

Krishna Kanth ?@MsDhonie : "@TS_BoxOffice: Records breaking from tomorrow #Aagadu"

14 Reels ?@14reelsofficial : Junction Lo with lyrics -> #Aagadu

Navya-Dream Big! ?@Navya2222 : best wishes to whole team of #aagadu! edho formalityki cheppa-i knw it vl b a #BlockBuster! @urstrulymahesh @vennelakishore...

Spotted: Aagadu world’s biggest police belt....

EXCLUSIVE: Aagadu Inside Talk....

Aagadu Modifications: Dikki changed as Mekki....

Pic Talk:Mahesh Babu Aagadu censor cut details!...

Spotted:Sruthi's deep navel show in Aagadu...

Aagadu new trailer: Brahmi at his Best!

Mahesh@Ajmer Dargah for Aagadu

ManiKickReviews ?@manikick : #Loukyam #SuperstarKidnap trailers attached to Aagadu prints

MaheshBabu_FC : Superstar Is Coming....Only '1' Day to go for 'Aagadu' Festival When & Where are u watching Super Fans ? MaheshBabu_FC : Superstar's Aagadu Cutout @ Sudarshan 35mm Junction lo function started Super Fans

Aagadu™ 19-9-14 ?@princekhasim1 : any twiit about #Aagadu @adivisesh

TCG ?@The_CrazyGuy : In the 7 stages of depression denial,pain,anger,loneliness,bargaining,depression,acceptance..antis are in 1st stage now abt #Aagadu records

srikanth ?@s_srikant : As of now all is well for #Aagadu , okka hit talk okkate vaste box office dummu dulapadame. @urstrulyMahesh @SreenuVaitla @14reelsofficial

Sridath ?@DathuRulz : #Aagadu Team ki All The Best !! Most awaited film of the year :) Mahesh Babu One Man Show ah leka Bremmi 2nd half show ah chudali..!!

#aagadu @aagadu_mahesh : lookslike @MusicThaman gave #Aagadu songs so as to blend with the film. Full mass beats for @urstrulyMahesh this time. Thanks Thaman!

TCG ?@The_CrazyGuy : First Day world wide all areas records smash..raskondi ra antis #Aagadu

Tamannaah Bhatia @tamannaahspeaks : Super Excited !!! #bhelpuri rocks ! … @14reelsofficial @urstrulyMahesh @MusicThaman

Tamannaah Bhatia ?@tamannaahspeaks : So excited Abt #Aagadu release tomo, a big thanks to @urstrulyMahesh n @SreenuVaitla 4 making it sucha special film 4 me:))

Padma Srinivasan @PadmaS27 : @14reelsofficial @urstrulyMahesh @SreenuVaitla - Didn't know a day could go by so slowly..waiting for 19th Sep! Waiting for #Aagadu :)

TFI VIRUS !!! ?@TFI_Virus : At Sudarshan theater !!!! #Aagadu

UnscriptedException ?@An_Odd_ee : Twist untundi. That was a game plan from Aagadu team. Shock factor work out avtundi ani. #Aagadu

Sreenu Vaitla @SreenuVaitla : Eagerly waiting to celebrate these wonderful momets with you on the you babu..@urstrulyMahesh

#aagadu @aagadu_mahesh : One day to go... #Aagadu @urstrulyMahesh @tamannaahspeaks @SreenuVaitla @MusicThaman @14reelsofficial

Sandeep Kulkarni ?@Sandy_Kulkarni : All set for tomorrow Benefit show at #SreeRamulu #Aagadu

#aagadu @aagadu_mahesh : #Aagadu tickets selling like hot cakes! … @urstrulyMahesh @tamannaahspeaks @SreenuVaitla #SuperstarIsComing

14 Reels ?@14reelsofficial : Hey SuperFans! Join the event, Invite your friends and answer the question here -> #Aagadu" Hulchul!

All Time NO 1 ?@vamsi_miracle : U will watch a new @urstrulyMahesh avatar in #Aagadu mark my words

? N@Ni R€DDY? ?@nani4u143 : #AAGADU releasing in Divyam Talkies , PortBlair(Andaman Nicobar). Please contact K.Anjiah chowdary @ 9908575065 for details

Hari Krishna Raju ?@harikraju : #Aagadu Mania in Andaman Nicobar : Morning and Matinee show just 2 tickets left and Evening show full; #Ticketnew

MaheshBabu_FC : Superstar Craze Heavy Crowd at Aagadu Advance Booking, Vizag ?@TollywoodTimes : Superstar Mahesh Babu's #Aagadu is releasing tomorrow. Check the exclusive videos, trailers on Aagadu at one stop...

#Aagadu benefit shows in Karim nagar and warangal other than Hyderabad . Any where in Telangana other than this ?

@kalyankartik : #Aagadu advance bookings are superb.. Hope mahesh and srinuvaitla provide wholesome entertainment! #ATB #Mahesh,#Srinuvaitla and #14reels

Mahesh Babu @urstrulyMahesh : so 19th it is ……LETS CELEBRATE..:)

Nagaraju ?@nag4prince : Booking start chesina just 1hr lo 4shows ki tickets booked #MaheshMania #Aagadu @14reelsofficial @urstrulyMahesh

14 Reels @14reelsofficial : SuperFans at various centers are taking out a rally before watching the FDFS of our SuperStar's #Aagadu

????? Lahari Music @LahariMusic : I added a video to a @YouTube playlist #Aagadu || Aaja Saroja With Lyrics Full Song Official || Super Star

Lahari Music @LahariMusic : I added a video to a @YouTube playlist #Aagadu || Bhel Poori With Lyrics Full Song Official || Super Star

SST retweeted Lahari Music @LahariMusic : I added a video to a @YouTube playlist #Aagadu || Title Track Full Song Official || Super Star Mahesh Babu,

Manichandra(aagadu) @imaheshfan : #Aagadu Stands No.1 in #BMS All over INDIA,Hyderabad,Chennai,for Bangalore & Pune (Max. Screens added Y'day) -RT"

Ravi Nemana ?@ursbobby : #Aagadu UA theatre list

TOLLYWOOD ?@smomaveen : #Aagadu Grand release worldwide. For the first time ever Seen such a release in Telugu Cinema.110 theatres in North India, 170theatres in US

.... ?@ynakg : All the very best to Team #Aagadu and all the involved parties...

Urstruly Sruthi ?@NehaSruthi : #EnCounterShankerIsComing Exact 12hrs left for the first world premiere #Aagadu @urstrulyMahesh

14 Reels ?@14reelsofficial : #Aagadu World's longest Belt at Vizag: Planning to take this belt to Hyderabad & Vijayawada next!

14 Reels ?@14reelsofficial : SuperFans at various centers are taking out a rally before watching the FDFS of our SuperStar's #Aagadu

????? Ravi Nemana ?@ursbobby : 12019 feet police belt #Aagadu

vennela kishore ?@vennelakishore : Just got confirmation from my manager @mahendra7997 that i don hav shoot on #sudarshan lo #Aagadu fix amma!!

Paper Ad's : #Aagadu grand releasing tomorrow ! @urstrulyMahesh @tamannaahspeaks @roopavaitla @AnilSunkara1 !

Keshav Aagadu ?@keshavchowdary : Antis antha packup!!! Babu land avtunnadu... BOX OFFICE records anni tiragarasthadu mana @urstrulyMahesh!!! #AAGADU

Ramesh ?@rameshlaus : I'm sure @shrutihaasan would have rocked in this special song with @urstrulyMahesh in #Aagadu

#AAGADU 19-9-14 ?@ramakrishna_95 @nropines How much intellectual buffoons collect?

#AAGADU 19-9-14 @ramakrishna_95 kesineni nani's buz empire regd office & navayuga's regd off r getting shifted 2 Coastal region so that d central taxes gets shifted (contd)

SST @MusicThaman #Aagadu final miX & all post Production works completed :) a Very grand release on the #19 th #superstar #supermass

#AAGADU 19-9-14 @ramakrishna_95 : kesineni nani's buz empire regd office & navayuga's regd off r getting shifted 2 Coastal region so that d central taxes gets shifted (contd)

SJS ?@UrsCoolPrince : #Aagadu benfit show at 6.00am sreeramulu theatre Superstar Striking Back @urstrulyMahesh @14reelsofficial

ABO, Wk Top#1 #Power @AndhraBoxOffice : According to Latest Available Counts, #Aagadu will be releasing in a min of 1450 Screens Worldwide (All Time Record)

#aagadu @aagadu_mahesh #Aagadu ll 30 SEC Entertainment PROMO || perfect @SreenuVaitla Entertainment!! … @urstrulyMahesh @tamannaahspeaks

#aagadu @aagadu_mahesh : #Aagadu ll NARI NARI SONG TRAILER gets better and better each day..peaks!!! … @urstrulyMahesh @tamannaahspeaks

#aagadu @aagadu_mahesh : #Aagadu #Bangalore Benefit show tickets are now available at … @urstrulyMahesh @tamannaahspeaks #superstar

KC @krishna84 : 30 sec lo Tivoli lo 50 tickets sale ainai, on a avg 1 min ki 100 tickets,1hr ki 6000 tickets ?? ide ra craze #Aagadu #SuperstarIsComing

?? #Aagadu @Mahesh_Aamir : #Aagadu Mania is spell bounding .... Pokiri, Dookudu days gurtosthunnai :))

#Aagadu @Mahesh_Aamir : #Karimnagar Shiva theater renovated ! Re-Opening with Superstar's #Aagadu ! @G_Karimnagar

#Aagadu @Mahesh_Aamir : " @varungds Got our tickets for spcl show.. All set fr Encounter shankar arrival " Me,@urstrulyAmer n @Mahesh_addict

#Aagadu @Mahesh_Aamir : lyrics lo ' naa ' junction, pumpset, karra billa. #Aagadu censor cuts ..

Kartik Dayanand @KartikDayanand : My guess is that #Aagadu will have a bigger opening in the US than some of the biggest Hindi blockbusters till now. Just wait and watch.

Anil Sunkara @AnilSunkara1 : SUPER STAR shows his SUPREMACY. 2 premiers sold out in Dallas. Adding 3rd show... This is the meaning of AAGADU.... THE UNSTOPPABLE.

Anil Sunkara @AnilSunkara1 : US prints with subtitles. Bring all ur indian and American friends. Let them enjoy watching India's MOST DESIRABLE MAN's amazing performance..

14 Reels @14reelsofficial : #Aagadu updates from RK Beach!

@Bable_Teja : Konni WebSites Mislead Chestunai #Aagadu Lo Mahesh Police Officer Kademo Ani Alantivem Levandi Full Length Police Role.. - @14reelsofficial

14 Reels @14reelsofficial : "@AnilSunkara1: Over 10000 tickets sold for US premiers so far...."#Aagadu

*R*A*G*H*U* @BeUrSelf1991 : The Way @14reelsofficial planning & Scheduling #Aagadu in US is exceptional & Mindblowing. Pic says it. @AnilSunkara1

KrIsHNa? @Balaram_Raju : Team @14reelsofficial #Aagadu organizing the world’s 'Longest Police Belt' Show at Vizag Beach ...:

AAGADU-19th Sept @karthik_jammy : Good Morning @tamannaahspeaks Akka! Have a Superb Day! Take Care Akka! God bless! 1 more Day's wait for the arrival of #aagadu ! Prayers! :)

Keshav Aagadu @keshavchowdary : #Aagadu Australia & NZ schedules... @urstrulyMahesh @14reelsofficial

Keshav Aagadu @keshavchowdary : Super Star @urstrulyMahesh's #Aagadu has a Huge release overseas! USA theatre list - @SreenuVaitla @roopavaitla

Keshav Aagadu @keshavchowdary : SuperStar is Coming!!! @urstrulyMahesh is ready to shake BOX OFFICE once again :) @14reelsofficial #Aagadu

Keshav Aagadu @keshavchowdary : Dance iragottessdu babu... #NariNari @urstrulyMahesh @tamannaahspeaks

Keshav Aagadu @keshavchowdary : Super Star @urstrulyMahesh on duty!!! #Aagadu @SreenuVaitla @roopavaitla

Babu land avtunnadu... 2 more days to go!!! @urstrulyMahesh #AAGADU @SreenuVaitla @roopavaitla @MusicThaman

Keshav Aagadu @keshavchowdary : #AAGADU fever started WW... SUPER STAR @urstrulyMahesh ready to smash all previus records... Aiming for INDUSTRY HIT!!!

Tolly Updates @Bable_Teja : #Aagadu Schedule From 19th To 25 At @S2cinemasS2 #Nellore @14reelsofficial @RaamAchanta @AnilSunkara1

Prince' Raina @Ravi_4prince : Aagadu benefit show at sree Ramulu with @kyvskumar @vmadhavm @princekhasim1

Sindhu? @SinderellaTalks : #Aagadu is releasing in 7 locations in one state! #Michigan. Biggest release of an Indian movie for MI actually.

TFI VIRUS !!! @TFI_Virus : #Aagadu 1st Tkt in Michigan sold for $1500 in auction !!

Keshav Aagadu @keshavchowdary: Heavy crowds at Prasadz for Super Star @urstrulyMahesh's #Aagadu @14reelsofficial @vennelakishore @MusicThaman

vikas reddy @1amvikas : #EROS has booked all available regional multiplex slots for #Aagadu WIll be releasing in most of the national chains all over India.

vennela kishore @vennelakishore : @actorbrahmaji the way #Aagadu lo mee scene choosanu sir.high voltage lengthy daddarillipothundani gatti nammakam..

Dikki dialogue removed from Aagadu: Mahesh Babu Aagadu will reportedly have many satirical dialogues. Dikki Ba...

suman @sumanz009 : Thank to my bro for taking vinyls and flexs to Chicago #Aagadu & dedication of #14reels team..

Superstar Mahesh @MAHESH_MANIA007 : #Aagadu booking at Cinepolis kphb starts at 7PM today - RT @14reelsofficial

Mahesh S Koneru ?@smkoneru : "Brahmanandam's entry will be in the second half in 'Aagadu' .. Full length hilarious role " - 14 Reels producers..

14 Reels ?@14reelsofficial : SuperStar #Aagadu

ManiKickReviews ?@manikick : Aagadu Censor details and cuts

14 Reels ?@14reelsofficial : #Aagadu updates from RK Beach!

Jalapathy Gudelli ?@JalapathyG : 8.45 am shows will be continued for entire weekend for 'Aagadu' at Prasads Multiplex. New trend, it seems!

Aagadu Sensational Release in USA :

Aagadu promo: Mahesh stunned with unique dances! :

@Prabhas_sandy : #Aagadu has become one of the biggest talk of the town as release is not even a week ahead.. Expectations are sky high..

Sreedhar Pillai ?@sri50 Sep 14 .@urstrulyMahesh 's #Aagadu opening big in TN, nearly 55 screens.has the biggest opening among other language heroes.

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#Aagadu coming soon to break all the records.. @14reelsofficial

#Aagadu Nizam Theater's List City-93 District's-187 Total-280 as of now..

Tollywood superstar Mahesh Babu's forthcoming much awaited film 'Aagadu' has been cleared by the Censor Board formalities with rewarded as 'U/A' certificate this afternoon and the Aagadu film is schedule to release on this friday (19th September) in grand way.Recent biggies like Massraja Raviteja's Power and Jr. NTR's Rabhasa were given 'A' certificates and that has an impact on the respective movies collections at multiplexes. All the multiplexes across AP and Telangana strictly don't allow kids to watch the films that were certified A by the Censor Board. Also some parents hesitate to take their kids to the films that were certified 'A'. Aagadu will not have such problems as it was awarded U/A. Mahesh Babu is a popular star among the kids. Srinu Vytla took care not to have any elements that may get an A certificate.

Aagadu movie script has been written by Anil Ravipudi, Upendra Madhav and Praveen Varma. The Tollywood stars like Mahesh Babu, Tamannah and Sonu Sood are playing lead roles in this film. Milky beauty Tamanna Bhatia has paired up with Mahesh Babu in many romantic comedy scenes of the movie. The gorgeous actress Shruti Haasan is making a special appearance to perform an item number. Apart from them, the film also features an promising crew of Rajendra Prasad, Nadhiya, Rao Ramesh, Brahmanandam and M. S. Narayana, Posani and Vennala Kishore in key roles.The movie’s cinematography and editing have been handled by K.V. Guhan, M.R. Varma, respectively. This film is being released under the banner of 14 Reels Entertainments.

The film is set in the backdrop of Tadipatri town of Ananthapur district in Rayalseema region of Andhra Pradesh State. The songs of Aagadu movie have been composed by S.S. Thaman. After the trailer of the movie was out, the songs penned by Thaman have been topping the chart..

Tollywood top director Srinu Vytla is directing this film. Srinu Vaitla’s films are always filled with maximum comedy with a very big cast surrounding the hero.Whatever the movie type, may be Srinu Vaitla never misses on comedy. Usually in Srinu Vytla movies comedians have crucial roles and especially Brahmanandam and MS Narayana will have some special roles in his films. His previous films have proved the same. Be it Solman raj track in Dubai seenu, Train episodes in Venky film, Chari episodes in Dhee movie , McDowell Murthy track in Ready, Padma Sri track in Dookudu or Pilli Padmanaba Simha track in Baadshah all of them leave audience rolling on floors with laughter.He utilises the comedy timing of Brahmanandam, M.S. Narayana and others very wisely. If a hero with the levels of superb comedy timing adds to the movie, then the movie is a sure-shot blockbuster.

But as per the latest reports from Aagadu movie unit, Aagadu movie will have another comedian, he is none other than Posani Krishna Murali. He proved his talent as comedian with the films Nayak, Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum and 1-Nenokkadine. Posani shed his rhetorical negative character image and opened up with the comedy role in Nayak film.Now once again he is playing an important role in Aagadu film and the scenes of Mahesh and Posani combination are going to be more hilarious, which are also be the main highlight for Aagadu movie.

Few Highlights of Aagadu movie is below....

1. In Aagadu film, the Superstar Mahesh Babu would be essaying the role of a Circle Inspector. His mannerisms, mark dialogues and dialogue delivery are major highlights of the film.

2. Title song of Aagadu already got good applause from normal audience and prince fans. This song will be treat for Superstar fans.

3. Buzz is that the interval scene between Mahesh babu and Posani reveals the twist of the Aagadu film and the scene is a hilarious one.

4. As usual Brahmanandam having special role as eariler srinu vaitla films.

5. Rajendra Prasad appeared in cop role after Jalsa. He will entertain with his mark comedy as well as with innocence.

6. Combination scenes between Posani and Prince Mahesh Babu are going to be hilarious and also the major highlight of the Aagadu film. The source also added that the movie will come out to become the best in the careers of both Posani Krishna Murali and Srinu Vaitla respectively.

7. Lucky charm heroine Shruti Haasan has done an item number in Aagadu film. This song was came very well as per Aagadu movie unit.

8. As pet sources, Sreenu Vaitla has decided to use the popularity of TV anchor Omkar and it is heard that he has created a spoof of Omkar in this film 'Aagadu. It is said that this spoof will turn out to be a special highlight in the film.

9. Aagadu contains comedy as well as sentiment, emotional scenes. Aagadu Story is mainly revolves around sister sentiment. These particular scenes will be touched to families.

10. On the eve of Aagadu movie release on this friday, Prince Mahesh Babu starrer movie Aagadu has huge expectations among his fans and as well as movie lovers.

Mahesh Babu,Tamanna Bhatia,Srinu Vytla,Anil Sunkara,Ram Achanta,S Thaman.Too much Masala, Too little Entertainment

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