On Monday, a swimming competition in this location was started by municipal chairman Jogu Premender. The local kk Swimming Academy is in charge of planning the event. According to Premender, the State government is enhancing the sports infrastructure and promoting a number of sports. He commended the event's organisers and suggested that the school do more activities of this nature in the future. He advised the swimmers to take advantage of the chance and show their mettle. He praised the competition's first-day winners.

There were several people there, including telangana Jagriti adilabad district president R srinivas Rao, Kommu Krishna, the director of the kk Swimming Academy, and district Tribal sports Development Officer K Parthasarathi. On Wednesday, police in adilabad arrested nine people, including three women, to break up a group that traded children. Two kids who had been saved were delivered to a Shishu Griha. They had a tram taken from them.

The suspects are Shethale ramana alias Rama, Gajanan bala Balgi, raj Kumar Dhodda, Mamatha Gajanan Balgi, Sujatha, and Shinde Jagannath from Karnataka, as well as Shaik Abidulla alias Sharuk, Miryaa Gangadhar, and Miryala ashok from various locations throughout the district, according to Superintendent of police D uday Kumar Reddy.

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