Tasmac personnel are tasked with determining if customers who visit Tasmac establishments in the coimbatore district have been vaccinated against corona prior distributing the alcohol. "Following the order of the district collector, employees who come to buy whiskey at Tasmag liquor stores in coimbatore are questioned by the employees whether they have been vaccinated against corona," stated Govindarajulu, coimbatore Regional Tasmac Manager. The alcohol is served if the vaccine is believed to have been paid for.

They sell alcohol if they don't have their cell phone number, name, or address. The district Tasmac office personnel gives that number to the district Collector's office Control Room. They will work with the health department to administer the corona vaccine to the individual in question. This trend has been observed in the coimbatore district for the past four days, according to the officials.

District collector of coimbatore, GS Sameeran said, "Consultation is under progress to ensure the Corona Vaccine is done and the Mandatory Proof is submitted for buying Liquor Bottles at Tasmac Liquor Stores. coimbatore is the worst-affected city in tamil Nadu and the number of cases are again increasing and to avoid it we are taking such necessary steps."

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