Everyone says that there is a big gap between tollywood and Tadepalli. It is known that tollywood did not like some of the decisions taken by the ycp government after coming to power. The controversy that started with the reduction of ticket prices has further escalated with the cancellation of the Costa benefit shows. It is said that before that none of Tollywood's problems were solved but new problems were created during ycp rule.

And everyone knows how much fuss was made after the ticket discount was fixed again in Tollywood. At the same time, people like megastar chiranjeevi had to come from Tollywood. Also, heroes like mahesh babu Prabhas also came on the day. Meanwhile, heroes like nagarjuna have been close to Jagan. But after that the war started with tadepalli in tollywood and he is also said to have sided. When jagan became the CM, he saw the development of the film sector in Visakhapatnam. On that day he met many movie celebrities. It was thought to have gone smoothly, but the ticket dispute escalated with consequences such as raids on theaters in the name of inspections.

On the other hand, ycp did not have much support from tollywood from the beginning. people like movie star mohan babu supported him before the elections, but later he dropped out. people like jayasudha Jivita Rajasekhar were also sidelined. Prithvi, who came under the name of Thirty Years industry and got a position in ycp, also left YCP. Due to this, YCP's movie glamor has decreased.Tollywood hero Pawan Kalyan's janasena party is there. telugu Desam was also born by movie star NTR. When you see this, the maximum support in tollywood is for those two parties. In this context, some film celebrities who have drawn a knife on ycp are now holding frequent meetings in hyderabad in the name of weekend parties and are saying that they are looking to bring down ycp in the next elections.

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