Regular school bag checks in Bengaluru schools turned out disturbing information about the presence of condoms, contraceptives, smokes, and whiteners among the pupils. These days, incidents involving drinking alcohol or taking shots of vodka at schools are fairly prevalent. However, what concerns D. Shashikumar, general secretary of the Associated Managements of Schools in Karnataka, is the discovery of chemicals (KAMS). This is only the tip of the iceberg, Shashikumar told the journalists on Wednesday.

The schools have chosen to give these kids a 10-day break. The management has also chosen to maintain the privacy of the data and to set up counselling for the pupils' parents. The majority of the checking was done in schools outside of Bengaluru. Both boys and girls in Class 10 had bags containing condoms and contraception. According to sources, when questioned, the students immediately admitted to the instructors that they needed to have some fun despite their busy schedules. The children spent the majority of their time with electronic devices during the two-year period of isolation during the Covid epidemic, which is also blamed for the behaviour.

Parents and school administration keep these facts a secret out of concern for their reputations. There are young youngsters who sell drugs. We will discuss the issue if it is brought before a high-level committee, Shashikumar stated. On KAMS's recommendation, the school administration undertook a normal exercise. These details were discussed in a meeting for the benefit of the pupils. Four days ago, I submitted a request to the Child Welfare Committee regarding this, but I haven't heard anything back, he stated.

He argued that other children's rights had been infringed in order to uphold the rights of one group of kids. These kids are taking advantage of other kids. Children are experiencing disturbing things including drug and cigarette usage, peer pressure, fighting, and comparisons. Unfortunately, nobody has the authority to interrogate the kids. According to Shashikumar, the simplest questioning of youngsters these days is an offence, leaving parents helpless and teachers unwilling. There haven't been any complaints in this respect, according to sources at the education ministry.

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