Sometimes what seems like a blessing eventually turns out to be a curse. balakrishna was the second most famous person associated with Kammas after NTR. The other communities gradually began to disown him as a result. When Kammas made him a demigod, he began to feel superior to all other people on this planet. He displays his verbal diarrhoea with no control over what he is saying because of his self-centered character. Despite having no social conscience, he says anything he wants.

When the tdp was in control, he once declared during a speech on audio that a male should always kiss or get pregnant if he meets a girl. As a ruling party MLA, he recklessly yelled "ye! koorcho" (hey, sit) at the person who brought up this problem in the Assembly. That is his haughtiness. His party is not currently in power. However, he continued to act with the same haughtiness by using the names sv Rangarao and Akkineni during the success event of Veera simha Reddy, despite the fact that they were irrelevant, drawing the ire of Kapus and the public.

Balayya seems to be a literal curse for the kamma Community right now! 

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