Many people, notably in the state of Punjab, have canada as their only lifelong ambition or aspiration. canada already has a sizable punjabi population, and they are powerful lobbyists. Apart from that, a typical punjabi kid wants to study in canada and would take the IELTS exam, which is required for admission. For better lifestyles, many young people aspire to move to canada to study and work. The Canadian government's office of immigration has now simplified the procedure for these aspirants. In the month of august 2023, the new adjustments will take effect.

IELTS now considers a six-band score for admission in accordance with the revised rules. According to sources, the Canadian Immigration Agency will instead evaluate four tests in the new procedure, each of which will have equal weight. students taking the CAEL and PTE Academic will now need a minimum of 60 points, and those taking the TOEFL will need a minimum of 80 points. Given that many people are now looking to settle in white-collar positions, this is welcome news for those planning to travel to canada for higher education.

Watch out this space for more updates in this regard.

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