T-SAT announced its entry into universities after finding success in the transmission of high-quality content in the realm of school education. The State government's T-SAT program, which aims to transmit high-quality educational information via satellite communication, established a memorandum of understanding with Kakatiya university on Thursday.

According to R Shailesh reddy, CEO of Softnet (Society for telangana State Network), the MoU calls for Kakatiya university to get trial airtime on the TSAT satellite channel for a year on the T-SAT Nipuna channel. As stated in the MoU, Kakatiya university will make use of T-SAT's services to broadcast video lectures that are based on the syllabus for several UG/PG courses in T-SAT Nipuna. For strictly educational objectives, the university will also broadcast live or recorded talks on current issues in a variety of disciplines, documentaries, enrichment programs, etc. on Kakatiya tv channel/T-SAT Nipuna.

Without any advertisements, Kakatiya university will broadcast its teaching material. From december 2023, the Centre will give TSAT 8 channels, of which one channel will go to Kakatiya University. A total of 1,00,385 undergraduate students and 16,190 postgraduate students are enrolled at almost 473 educational institutions that are connected to Kakatiya university during the current academic year of 2023–2024 to pursue a variety of courses.

The SoFTNET will also sign an MOU with osmania university in the coming days, according to the TSAT CEO, to transmit its material to over 4 lakh indian and international students from 720 academic institutions. reddy Shailesh.

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