Like cinema in this wallet PLATFORM' target='_blank' title='digital-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>digital world, YouTube celebrities are getting good reception among people. TTF Wasan is one of those people who is famous for his bike ride, now he has met with an accident which has left his fans sad. TDF Vasan is one of those who became popular through his YouTube channel. TDF Vasan is the favorite YouTuber of 2K Kids after posting bike riding videos. As much as he became famous through YouTube, he has also been embroiled in many controversies. Incidents of police filing a case against him due to controversial YouTube videos also took place Apart from that, once when he went to the opening ceremony of a store, he protested against the police batoning his fans and it was TTF Vasan who created a stir by challenging them. TTF Vasan, who was caught up in a series of controversies, stepped into the cinema a few months ago. He was signed to act in a film called Khamku Veeram.

This film is directed by Selam. The film is being produced by The Budget Film Company. It is noteworthy that the first look poster of this film features TDF Vasan wheeling a bullet with a mace in his hand.

In this case, DTF Vasan, who took his usual bike ride today, wheeled his bike on the highway. Then the two-wheeler lost control, flew a few feet, spun around twice and crashed on the side of the road. It is reported that DTF Vasan has got serious injuries on his hands and he is currently admitted in the hospital.

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