Sources stated that aam aadmi party leader sanjay singh has once again attacked the bharatiya janata party (BJP). After the

passing of the women Reservation Bill, while answering a question asked about it, he said that they have sold

the entire country. Women’s reservation is also just a phrase. When the time comes, the women of the country

will answer them.

bjp cannot fool people any more

AAP mp sanjay singh did not stop there, he further said that ever since bjp has come to power, it is being

said that if Modi is there then it is possible. If so, then did 18 crore people get jobs? Has inflation reduced?

Did everyone get a permanent house? Is black money back? Did the farmers get the right price for their crops?

Did people get Rs 15 lakh? No... That's why I say women's reservation is just a phrase. Has the crop price

doubled? We have recognized this tradition of fooling BJP. Now nothing is going to work for them.

The public knows everything

In fact, the political conflict between bjp and opposition parties is at its peak regarding the upcoming Lok

Sabha elections 2024. This time the leaders of india Alliance want to oust bjp from power at any cost. At the

same time, the central government and the bjp leadership are also gearing up to give the opposition a political

defeat in the lok sabha elections for the third consecutive time. In this sequence, Modi government has tried

to put pressure on the opposition by passing the Women’s Reservation Bill. On the other hand, opposition

leaders say that the public knows everything. During the lok sabha elections, people will give a befitting

reply to bjp for its breach of promise.

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