Dindigul lok sabha Constituency! Is the BAM candidate giving tough to DMK and AIADMK? What is the field situation?

The Dindigul parliamentary constituency has generally favored the AIADMK and DMK. But this time there is a three-way competition as Pamaga is also on the field.DMK, AIADMK, and BJP, the three parties leading the alliance in tamil Nadu, did not contest directly and reserved the Dindigul constituency for their alliance parties. Despite this, the political field of this constituency has become lively day by day.

The Dindigul parliamentary constituency has generally favored the AIADMK and DMK. But this time there is a three-way competition as Pamaga is also on the field. Although AIADMK is a favorable constituency for DMK, both parties have left the constituency to alliance parties and stand aside. The question did not arise in the minds of the voters as to why the DMK, which had won the largest margin of votes in India, had ceded the seat to the alliance. AIADMK, which has won eight times, has left for the alliance.

STPI., organizationally does not have a large structure in Dindigul constituency. The double leaf is still a field that relies on Brahmastra. Almost the same is true of the Marxist Communist Party. Even though it is in its symbol, it is relying only on DMK. M. Thilakabama, the treasurer of Bamagawa, has entered the field with great confidence among them. His native place is Dindigul district. He is familiar to the people of the constituency as he contested against minister I. Periyasamy in the last assembly elections in Attur. These are the only things in his favor as an alliance with the BJP, which has a prime ministerial candidate.

But day by day, Manny is getting more and more attention from the public and media by carrying out various fake campaigns. Will all this translate into votes? Not.Dindigul Constituency, the birth place of freedom fighter Subramania Siva, Dindigul Constituency which comes to mind when it means 'boot' - is today identified as Kudikaram Constituency. The reason is DMK and AIADMK. Alcohol is freely available in the black market 24 hours a day. Dindigul is the constituency with the highest number of drunkards. There are many women here who have lost their husbands to alcohol and lost their fathers. Drunk accidents and lawsuits are not in short supply. Heads of families spend more than 90 percent of their earnings on alcohol. Due to this, the family's economy and children's education are in great question.

The accusation of the public is that DMK and AIADMK have alternately captured the constituency but have not done anything necessary for this constituency. A lot of things can be done for agriculture and industries in this block where agriculture and industry are the main. But both the parties are amused by false silence. In this case, Thilakabama is seen as the hope of the people of the Dindigul constituency. He was released from jail for 15 days in the case of closing down a liquor shop in Sivakasi. In his campaign, he has mainly taken alcohol eradication into his hands. During the campaign, he consoled women who lost their husbands due to alcohol-related accidents, met and consoled mothers of alcoholic sons, and assured them that he would work hard to remove Tasmac shops.

People are starting to trust BAM candidate Thilakabama on the basis that a woman will do anything if she puts her mind to it. In that respect, he is one step ahead of other candidates. The DMK and the AIADMK are silent about Tasmac as a story of a scorpion thrown at a thief. Former ministers Dindigul Srinivasan, Natham Viswanathan, and today's ministers I. Periyasamy and A. Chakrapani are not unaware of the fact that the people of the constituency are deteriorating due to housing. As usual, they think that they can finish everything in five hundred thousand. people believe that the combo of today's prime candidate who implemented a liquor ban in gujarat and Dindigul's candidate who has a policy of not having even a single drop of alcohol in tamilnadu will bring about a change. Let's see what time and money have in store in June.

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