Review of defeat in RSS mouthpiece Organiser

'BJP's overconfidence drowned it, will have to improve'

Organiser Article On BJP: An article in RSS mouthpiece Organiser analyzes the reasons for BJP's absence from majority.

Review of defeat in RSS mouthpiece Organiser, 'BJP's overconfidence drowned it, will have to improve'

BJP and PM narendra modi had given the slogan of crossing 400 for the lok sabha elections 2024. However, when the results came, bjp did not get absolute majority and had to be satisfied with 240 seats. Now BJP's performance has been analyzed in RSS mouthpiece Organiser. In his article, Ratan Sharda has cited the overconfidence of bjp leaders and workers as one of the reasons for the party not performing as expected. The article also said that the party will now have to make many improvements in itself.

'BJP needs to improve itself'

RSS-affiliated Ratan Sharda's article said that these results are like a reality check for the BJP. The article said, 'Prime minister Narendra Modi's call for 400+ was a target for him, but it was a challenge for the opposition. bjp workers will have to understand that such targets are achieved by coming down to the ground. victory is not achieved by posting selfies with leaders and sharing posts on social media. BJP's overconfidence has taken it away from the majority.'

Sharda wrote in his article that bjp workers and election managers were in a different world. They were happy in their bubble and thought that they would easily win the elections with Modiji's name and aura. This time's performance is a lesson for them.

RSS object to alliance with NCP?

The article has raised objections on giving tickets to leaders from other parties. It said that instead of local candidates, imposed leaders from outside and turncoats were given preference. Lack of caution in the selection of candidates has also become the reason for defeat on many seats. Questions have also been raised on the alliance with ncp in Maharashtra. Sharda wrote in her article that this alliance was hurtful for bjp workers. Forgetting the policies of congress and ncp which were opposed for decades, bjp has reduced its brand value by making a partnership in one go.

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