PM Modi and georgia Meloni's Selfie Moment!!!

At the G7 Summit in Apulia, italy, on Saturday, prime minister Narendra Modi responded to his widely shared selfie video featuring Italian colleague Giorgia Meloni. The prime minister captioned the video that Meloni posted on her X account, writing, "joyful relations between india and Italy!"  In the video that Meloni shared on X and Instagram, the two leaders can be seen chuckling together. prime minister Modi made his first abroad trip of his third term in office when he accepted the invitation of Italian Premier Meloni to attend the G7 conference in Apulia. PM Modi travelled to the Apulia area of italy to attend the G7 Outreach Summit at the request of prime minister Giorgia Meloni.

A migration and mobility agreement should be implemented as soon as possible, Modi and Meloni agreed during their bilateral meeting. "Getting together with PM @GiorgiaMeloni went extremely well. "Our meeting with PM @GiorgiaMeloni was excellent. "We had a great meeting with PM @GiorgiaMeloni. thanked her for the wonderful arrangements and for extending an invitation to india for the G7 Summit. We talked about how to strengthen ties between italy and india in a number of areas, including energy, telecom, defence, and trade. After the meeting, PM Modi wrote on X, "Our nations will work together in futuristic areas like biofuels, food processing, and critical minerals."
After it is put into effect, the migration and mobility agreement between italy and india will allow professionals, students, and researchers to move between the two partner nations as well as skilled and semi-skilled workers. This mobility agreement has been the subject of discussions for a while. Ex-post facto approval was given by the Union cabinet last december to the Ministry of External Affairs' proposal to sign and ratify the Migration and Mobility Agreement between the two nations.

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