Jagan: The prices that have come down.. can't they come down..?

Before the elections in Andhra Pradesh, various comments were made that the prices of essentials had increased after the tdp government came under the ycp rule. Even before the elections, Jagane was widely campaigned as the main reason for the increase in the prices of essential commodities. They spread the word that the jagan government has raised the demand for money for welfare schemes. Many people also believed in this. It can be said that people from all walks of life opposed Jagan's government in this campaign

After the election results in this background, the tdp government has reduced 164 seats based on the alliance. Also, raising vegetable prices has become a topic of discussion. Last month tomato was 20 to 25. Now the price has increased five times. Till now, three kilos of onions cost Rs 100, but now we have to buy three kilos, which means we have to pay Rs 200. Currently, apart from these, the prices of many vegetables have also increased and the prices of these commodities are also skyrocketing.

Currently, kitchen prices are also skyrocketing. In the past, the tdp party leaders criticized jagan as the main reason behind the increase in the prices of vegetables. And now that the jagan government has come down, some leaders and people are also questioning the government saying that their government has come to power and why the prices are not decreasing. And it remains to be seen on whom such price increase will be pushed. However, the tdp government is already planning to distribute castor oil and other products in the ration shops as well.

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