AP: Chandrababu is torn between them..!

The voluntary system became very important during the general elections in the state.. Especially the ycp Sarkar had a lot of faith in the voluntary system. Many tdp leaders have appealed to the Central election commission through various letters to prevent them from going to the people till the end of the election as they will influence the voters as well. With this, the election commission has also kept the voluntary system away from the people.

With this, the political fight between tdp and ycp has intensified. In this order, tdp leader Chandrababu was worried about the voluntary system on one occasion. They said that the bond between the people especially the volunteers has increased.. The party's situation will also be in trouble as the people will get angry if the volunteers are kept aside. That is why they are not against the voluntary system and they will continue this system to benefit the people they will also give money of 5000 to 10 thousand rupees and Pawan Kalyan Chandrababu has also announced.

But after the election, the tdp alliance won. With this, the alliance won in a way that TDP did not know. However, this voluntary system brought by ycp did not have any effect.. Even though there was a relationship between the volunteers and the people, the people did not care who they were. It seems that they only voted for the ones they liked. With this, the coalition government is now in a dilemma whether to continue the voluntary work or notOn the one hand, if the volunteers are continued, there will be a severe impact on the workers. If the volunteers are continued, it has been proved in the election that they will not benefit. And now Chandrababu is torn between this voluntary system and the activists.

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