Babu Mark new changes in ap canteens...? 

After the alliance government came to power in andhra pradesh, cm Chandrababu Naidu has been making various changes. When Chandrababu took charge as the Chief minister, Anna canteens were also opened for the first time in the government. It can also be said that a good program like this will fill the stomach of many poor people. However, as a part of this, minister Narayana also made an important announcement. He said that they have planned to open 100 canteens across the state in the next three weeks.

It has been revealed that more than 200 rice canteens will be opened by september 21. Due to this decision, rice canteens for the poor will also be started across the state soon. But in the past, Anna's canteen used to provide food for only five rupees. Also, Tiffin was at the same rate so many people used to go. Now many people are discussing how the rates are going to be in the newly opened canteens. In particular, the news is hearing about whether the rates will be the same as before or whether Chandrababu has thought of anything in the new context.

You can eat a full meal for just 10 rupees for two meals. Anna canteen has started in the chittoor district where lunch is served separately along with tiffin for five rupees and the Anna canteen organized by tdp in Jaggampet is also going to start on this day. The government has also made all arrangements for the agencies to supply three meals a day in connection with these Anna canteens by the end of next month. After that, it seems that the canteen building structures as well as new equipment and related software infrastructure are going to be established only after signing the agreement with the agency.

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