AP: Sarkar's key decision on voluntary..!

Andhra Pradesh volunteers were brought by the ycp party. Chandrababu has changed the names of some of the schemes implemented by former cm Jagan and is continuing some of them, but especially Chandrababu who attracted the voluntary system by saying ten thousand salaries before the election, now it seems that the government is thinking about how to use them. However, there is still no clarity on the procedure for those who have the chance to continue the voluntary system promised by Chandrababu before the election.

A crucial decision was taken in the first cabinet meeting held yesterday. It seems that the decision to keep pension distribution volunteers away has also been taken. Also, it is reported that officials have been instructed to distribute this pension through the secretariat employees. ap government is going to deliver the pensions door to door with the secretariat employees on the first date. minister Kolusu Parthasarathy also revealed that the government will think again about how to use the volunteers.

The ap cabinet has also approved the increase in pensions. In the name of ntr Bharosa, the amount of social pension has been increased from three to four thousand rupees. Chandrababu has planned to send this increased pension amount to the beneficiaries of the secretariat staff. It is going to be given from the month of April as per the promise given before the election. In this context, a total of 7000 will be provided with 3000 old dues and 4000 new dues at the rate of ₹1000 per month for three months. Clarity is coming in a few days whether the voluntary system will be continued or the total amount will be reduced.

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