Whether Babu became cm or not.. What a big blow to 'Sakshi'.. Not an ordinary band..!

- A misplaced witness paper regulation

- sakshi channel TRP is down with a broadcast cut in AP..?

(Amravati - Herald of India)

Sakshi media came into the limelight when jagan was chief minister for five years. sakshi channel continues to air O range with all the necessary ads for sakshi paper. As soon as Chandrababu became the chief minister, difficulties started for sakshi in AP. When it comes to that word, the media in telangana is left without anyone. Now BRS is not in power.. revanth Reddy's witness will not be given priority. Cable operators have already voluntarily stopped sakshi TV in AP.

And the TRP rating of that channel is sure to fall badly. And now the turn of the witness paper has also come. The atmosphere of voluntary boycott of sakshi magazine is also visible. The government has issued a circular canceling the newspaper allowance given to volunteers. The amount they receive for the paper is Rs.  per month. They had Rs. 200 deducted from that amount.  In the past, when jagan was the chief minister, to increase the circulation of the sakshi, volunteers and secretariat staff were given sakshi papers to the Sakshi.

And the government announcements also went heavily as a witness. Two and a half lakhs with the volunteers, another one and a half lakh with the staff of the village and ward secretariats, as well as putting pressure on the ward secretariats, government offices and ycp leaders to forcefully buy some more copies, they made unsuccessful attempts to pass the regulation today and finally gave up. Now the regulation has collapsed. Not only the government announcements.. In the end even the YSP leaders have no time to care about the witness. Such is the situation of sakshi Media.

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