BJP has a high chance of winning the next election..!?

-  KCR became a god for the poor people.
- kcr developed a sense of arrogance.
-  BRS party will be merged with BJP..?

When the name of telangana state is mentioned, the only thing that comes to mind is the name of KCR. It can be said that he worked very hard to get a separate state for the movement. In addition to his efforts, many students, people, and employees from all walks of life in telangana made the movement fly. In the end, delhi bowed its neck and achieved a separate state. After the formation of such a state, kcr ascended the CM's pedestal for the first time. kcr, who brought many schemes for the first time and provided excellent governance, became a god for the poor people.
But after coming to power for the second time, he changed his mind. He showed arrogance to rule the family and keep all the leaders in the state under his control. There is no point in keeping the leaders secret, but the people of the state are also ruled like a king, not constitutionally. He developed a sense of arrogance that no one is ruling like him in a country where only he is giving schemes. It can be said that he made the state of telangana extremely indebted by providing governance. Moreover, by making promises beyond the limit, in the hope of ruling the country's politics, he eventually got bored. He understood that people can do anything if they put their minds to it. Thus in the state of telangana, extreme opposition came during KCR's rule of nine years. The congress and the bjp have grown tremendously on the back of this. congress has been in telangana since the beginning, but the people of telangana don't know about BJP. Such is the BJP's resurgence in the state that kcr is the main factor behind it. Will kcr rise till the 2028 elections? Let's see whether the party will be merged with BJP.

2028 bjp Target :

Congress is currently ruling Telangana. The state is heavily indebted. congress has also given assurances that it is possible. At least central support is gone. Extending their assurances for five years is an impossible task. If the promises made to the people are not fulfilled, the people will be minus. Despite Congress's capacity to govern, it is unable to fulfill its commitments due to debt overhang. Taking this as support, the bjp party will rise. It has won 8 seats in the assembly Elections and 8 seats in the parliament Elections and is making efforts to become an unstoppable party.

 Along with this, Etela Rajender, who was the leader of the movement, joined the BJP. If Rajender is given the responsibility of the bjp president, then the entire BRS party will be empty now. Moreover, during the days he continued in BRS, he was in close contact with many leaders. They are thinking of including all of them in the bjp and moving forward as targets in the upcoming elections. At the same time, after the formation of the telangana state, people saw the rule of BRS. Now they are also looking at congress rule. If congress does not fulfill its promises, then it must think of giving bjp a chance. Not only that, there is a possibility that Etela, who is the leader of the movement, and the key leaders in BRS will be included in that party and make it the main opponent of congress till 2028. If everything is successful, the bjp has a high chance of winning the next election. Let's see if the congress will mesmerize and win the second term by turning the people towards them. Or will it give power to the BJP? It will be known in the coming days.

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