Special qualities of Lord krishna and Radha Rani!!!

The celebration of Shri krishna Janmashtami is being seen across the country. On this day(the birth anniversary of Lord Shri Krishna) we can learn some such things from the life of Lord Shri Krishna, from which parents can tell their beloved and make their angel like Radha Rani. Let us know some special qualities of Lord krishna and Radha rani that parents can inculcate in their children.

The teaching of Shri Krishna

According to mythological beliefs, Lord krishna attained the knowledge of 64 arts in 64 days. In such a situation, parents should also keep in mind that the future of children is bright not only with education but also with other arts. It is necessary to have the qualities of music, dance, and painting.

In the scriptures, Lord Shri krishna is said to have a calm mind and a stable mind. Many times he had to suffer humiliation in the battle of Mahabharata. But he kept his mind steady at all times and took all decisions only by keeping his mind calm. This quality should be in children also. With this, he can take better decisions for his future.

Shri krishna had preached the Gita to arjuna in the battle of Mahabharata.  Teach your child how to fight with stress. Make sure that if a person keeps his mind calm, then he can get good results even in difficult times.

Characteristics of Radha Rani

If we chant the name of Lord Shri Krishna, then the name of Radha rani is also remembered with him. That is because Radha rani is the power of the love of Lord Shri Krishna. Let us tell that Radha rani was considered to be the head of the milkmaids i.e. the gopis of the bridge. This is also described in the scriptures, as well as they are considered a symbol of selfless love and service. There should be such love and trust in children. They should also have the spirit of leadership. Just as Radha rani was the main power of Lord Shri Krishna, in the same way, children should also make the knowledge as their power. By doing this he can successfully complete any task.

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