Some models, like Poonam Panday, have developed their own apps with content that rivals pornographic websites after causing a stir online with their contentious remarks and sleazy photoshoots. However, several leading ladies have also developed these applications, such as Asha saini, aka Flora saini, who became well-known in tollywood because to the song "Lux Papa." Why, you ask?

Lux Papa is reportedly hosting special meetups on these apps, where she shares some gorgeous photos and interacts with her fans in person. However, the instant an actress creates this customised app, it creates the perception that the app is just for "premium" users who get to see the actress' "other" side. We wonder if Flora saini is also using this strategy given how many models and indie actors are already doing it.

B-grade actresses' "Live Shows" have recently gained popularity, and viewers must pay to see the performers. While some actresses register on websites, others create these customised apps. Although fans may wonder why a heroine would come up with an app in that manner if there was no revenue-generating element involved. These apps are often leaving a terrible impression, even on good heroes.

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