Bill Gates making chapati..! Richest man kneading dough..?

Bill Gates, who is one of the richest people in the world and one of the biggest donors in the world, has a video of his dinner with the famous chef Eitan Bernath, which is spreading like wildfire on the Internet. bill gates is proud to have become a billionaire at a young age by creating the world's largest tech services company, Microsoft. Recently bill gates has been in the doldrums with his divorce from his wife and rift with Elon Musk. To make it all happy, Bill Gates' daughter Jennifer Gates is pregnant and he is overjoyed to hear the news of becoming a grandfather. A video of making chapatti, which is the staple food of the people, from scratch has been released.
In this video, famous chef Eitan Bernath said that during his trip to india, he met wheat farmers in the state of bihar and learned about the technological changes that have taken place from planting to harvesting wheat. Following this, a woman taught him how to make chapati, or roti, at a canteen called Didi Ki Rasoi. Not only this, the famous chef Eitan Bernath said that he is going to try what he learned from the Didi Ki Rasoi canteen girl along with Bill Gates. In this video, bill gates along with the famous chefEitan Bernath kneaded the wheat flour, kneaded the dough, and baked the chapati on the stone. This video is currently trending on many social networking sites including Twitter.Chef Eitan Bernath asks bill gates when was the last time he cooked in this video. 
But basically, this kind of cooking is what he did a long time ago. indian food is very well received worldwide, for a long time india means Bollywood, North india, - Paneer butter Masala to foreigners who only talked about it. In recent times more and more foreign tourists from South india and North East. Samukha's website is full of videos and photos of indian regions.As a result, foreigners are now getting a greater understanding of india, indian food, and indian culture than before. In this situation, the video of bill gates, one of the richest people in the world, cooking an indian dish, chapatti, has trended on the social media website.

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