Michael Jackson: Michael Jackson was interested in music since childhood, and started his career with his brother's pop group

Michael Jackson, known as the king of Pop, was famous all over the world for his singing and dancing. He was born on 29 august 1958 in the Indiana province of America. Michael, who was fond of music since childhood, started his career with his brother's pop group. Today, on his birthday, we will tell you some special things related to him.

Michael was very fond of music even from childhood. He started playing the tambourine and the bong at a very young age. After this, he joined his brother's musical group and gradually became recognized among the people. Meanwhile, he struggled a lot to make a mark in the music industry. He started his career as a singer in the year 1971.

Michael Jackson, who ruled the hearts of people with his songs and steps, had a lot of ups and downs in his personal life. In the year 1994, he chose Lisa Marie Prisley as his companion, but this marriage could not last long and after two years their paths parted. After this, he married his nurse Debbie Rowe, with whom he also has children, but this marriage also broke up after two years.
Michael Jackson often came into the limelight due to his looks. He had resorted to surgery many times to look good. He has also received a lot of criticism for this. According to media reports, he also had surgery to change the color of his skin. According to reports, Jackson wanted to live for 150 years, for which he always slept on oxygen beds. It is said that he used to wear gloves before shaking hands with people.

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