A fascinating debate has erupted in the media groups in response to Nandamuri Taraka Ratna's declaration that his cousin Jr. ntr will undoubtedly run for the telugu desam party in the upcoming andhra pradesh assembly elections. Nandamuri Taraka Ratna is another grandchild of renowned actor and former chief minister N T Rama Rao. To begin with, hardly many people are familiar with this Taraka Ratna. Despite being NTR's grandson (and the son of NTR's son Nandamuri Mohana Krishna), he is not as well-known as Jr. ntr and hasn't had any big successes to his name.

Therefore, it is unclear whether to take his words at face value. Second, despite the fact that they are first cousins, Taraka Ratna is not Jr NTR's spokesperson. Jr. ntr is the only person who may choose his own plans and political stance. The reason Jr. ntr abruptly lost political prominence after playing such a significant role in the tdp in 2009–2010 is a well-kept secret inside NTR's family and the tdp political establishment.

Everyone is aware of his resentment toward previous chief minister and tdp president N Chandrababu for using him and then discarding him after his intended purpose. In light of the current situation, it is unlikely that Jr. ntr will return to active politics and support the TDP's election of Naidu to office.

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