With Nagarjuna's upcoming film, writer prasanna Kumar Bezawada makes his directorial debut. Although prasanna used elements from the malayalam movie Porinju Mariam Jose, he created his own narrative. (2019). During the production of Dhamaka, producer abhishek Agarwal presented these rights to Prasanna. As originally arranged, an advance that was meant to go to prasanna was used to purchase the rights. The reason why abhishek Agarwal refused to give the rights to producer chitturi Srinu, who is helming the Nagarjuna-Prasanna film, remains unknown.

To the surprise of prasanna and chitturi Srinu, abhishek himself revealed that Porinju Mariam Jose would be remade in telugu and Hindi. After some discussion, abhishek agreed to surrender the rights and is now receiving a sizable sum of money in exchange. The problem with telugu rights is resolved. abhishek is now requested by the producers to speak with the original producers and secure the rights to the other language remakes as well. Because they anticipate getting a better deal for abhishek as he is already on their good terms, they do not want to approach them separately.

Kajal Aggarwal will romance nagarjuna Akkineni this time for this new project if it materializes. prasanna has the bound script ready, and nagarjuna is reportedly thrilled with how the writing has turned out. prasanna is certain that the movie will be a major hit for both he and Nagarjuna.

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