"The chief minister has announced in Villupuram that Karunanidhi's birthday will be declared as Semmozhi Day. It will stop with one state and one language level. karunanidhi has an all-India vision. Therefore, his birthday should be declared as State Autonomy Day," said Vishika President Thirumavalavan.

The centenary celebrations of late former chief minister karunanidhi, who was DMK chief, began on june 3, his birthday. For this, various programs were organized on behalf of the government and the DMK side. However, all but a few events were canceled as mourning was observed due to the train accident in Odisha.

In this case, the karunanidhi Centenary Opening Ceremony public meeting was held on wednesday evening. chief minister Stalin, DMK alliance members K. Veeramani, K. S. Azhagiri, Vaiko, K. Balakrishnan, I. Mutharasan, K. M. Katharmoideen, Thirumavalavan, M. H. Jawahirullah, E. R. Eswaran were present in this meeting at Binny Mill premises. , D. Velmurugan and Ministers, MPs, MLAs participated.

Thirumavalavan said: "In today's environment, the most important ideological war that has arisen today is that the state governments have just started to get angry. They are concentrating power at the center. They say one nation, one culture, one government. Where will this end. At this time, if all the states remember one leader, That proud person is Karunanidhi.

It was karunanidhi who set up the Rajamannar Committee, which no prime minister in india could count on. RELATIONSHIP TO THE STATE government A State chief minister sets up a commission to examine the relationship between the government of india and the State Governments. Forms a group. That is Rajamannar group. On the recommendation of the Committee, he brings the State Autonomy Resolution in the Assembly. It was held during the period 1969-73.

After Anna's death, among the 5 slogans he raised, the most important slogan was federalism in the midst of autonomy in the state. The Constitution talks about federalism. But the constitution does not say anything about autonomy. Autonomy is the thought of Karunanidhi. It is required by every state. karunanidhi was the first to emphasize the existence of sovereignty for each state.

So I would like to make a request to the Chief Minister. Two or three days ago, in a meeting held at Villupuram, you announced that Karunanidhi's birthday would be declared as Semmozhi Day. It stops with one state and one language level. karunanidhi had an all-India vision. Therefore, his birthday should be declared as State Autonomy Day," he said.

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