The most ambitious and much anticipated film from samantha and gunasekhar is Shaakuntalam, which aims to have a significant theatrical distribution in all major languages. The movie's release date, february 17, conflicts with Dhanush's SIR. Shaakuntalam received yet another bombshell despite the producers' unwelcome and unresolved conflict.

Pathaan, starring SRK and deepika Padukone, is still dominating the box office. The record-breaking action thriller is already breaking it. In the middle of this, the release date of Kartik Aaryan's Shehzada (the hindi remake of Ala Vaikunthapurramuloo) has been moved forward to february 17. This will have an effect on Samantha's Shaakuntalam theatres. samantha may not have a major hindi release, but the distributors and exhibitors in the North plan to keep a good portion of the theatres open for Shehzada and Pathaan. Therefore, Shaakuntalam will see a dramatic impact as a result.

The producers of Shaakuntalam intend to delay the movie, according to reports. Although the official decision has not yet been made, the producers are unsure of the release date and are considering all of their alternatives. Even Shaakuntalam's third song release, which was planned for today, was delayed, feeding persistent rumours. Shaakuntalam's Sir, who is founded on the educational system, will greatly benefit if it is delayed. We must wait and observe.

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