The 100th birthday of the illustrious NT Ramarao is today. We don't need to go into detail about NTR's contributions to politics and the film industry. Even after passing away for a number of years, it is difficult for a performer or politician to remain in the public's consciousness. These days, if an actor turns up a few duds, they are forgotten. Such lifespan is not even seen in stars. However, ntr the actor is a phenomenon that endures long after telugu cinema does.

A few pages will always be devoted to ntr whenever telugu cinema history is discussed or written. That is the impression ntr made with his many characters and the impactful ways he played them. When a movie star joins politics, we anticipate failure or that he would be naïve and intimidated. Nine months after entering politics, ntr led the telugu desam party to victory. ntr engaged in politics not to win votes but to win over hearts.

NTR introduced charity programs to help the hungry. He shook up the systems, bringing about significant reforms. He made controversial measures including ending the Patel, Patwari, and Munsub systems, giving women an equal share of property, outlawing alcohol, reserving seats in municipal elections, etc. He made judgments at that time with great consideration for society. At that time, there is a severe poverty problem, and alcohol abuse is destroying families. In order to feed the populace, he launched programs like two rupee rice, and he did not hesitate to outlaw alcohol, which provided the majority of the government's revenue.

The social structure of andhra pradesh was altered by actions such as eliminating the Patel, Patwari, and Munsub systems, granting equal property rights to women, outlawing alcohol, reserving seats in municipal elections, etc. These choices ensured gender equality and equitable treatment for women, eliminated class and caste disparities in society, and provided a voice to the voiceless. The choices still hold true today and accelerated the growth of the telugu race. ntr introduced a great number of the prominent politicians we see now in the tdp and other parties.

Back then, the state was unaware of the caste, financial, and social origins of those leaders. He brought those individuals who had never dreamed of a life in politics or power. Giving representation to everyone for the other political parties has grown in popularity and need. Therefore, even after 100 years, people still remembered ntr, and they will do so for many more centuries to come.

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