MLA Vanathi Srinivasan said that after the DMK came to power, there has been an increase in putting up billboards. In this regard, he told reporters yesterday at the bjp office in Sittaputur, Coimbatore: The odisha incident is unfortunate. We cannot forget the good things done by the Ministry of Railways because of one incident. The central government does not want to hide anything and save anyone in the odisha train accident. A cbi inquiry has been ordered into the accident even before the opposition party.

Rahul Gandhi's foreign speeches are meant to destroy the honor and pride of the country. How will the DMK government in the congress alliance approach the Mekedhatu dam issue? Let us see in the coming time whether they are going to make a statement and have fun or are they really going to save the welfare of tamil Nadu.

Even when there was bjp rule in Karnataka, tamil Nadu BJP's stand was that the interests of tamil Nadu should not be affected in the Megedatu Dam issue. The government should explain beyond doubt whether the Chief Minister's foreign travel is really beneficial to attract investments. Posting of billboards has increased since DMK came to power. The corporation does not take action against companies putting up billboards, but takes action only when the problem gets bigger. This is what he said.

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