Kajal Aggarwal is ready to deliver some blows. The makers of the telugu thriller satyabhama released the film's teaser on Friday, featuring the actor as a cop. suman Chikkala wrote and directed the movie.
The approximately three-minute teaser opens with Kajal witnessing a murder. Despite her best efforts to apprehend the murderer, she falls short and is eventually dragged up by her superiors. The crime stays unresolved and continues to bother Kajal, who is removed from the probe. Everything in her life goes wild after the transfer.

However, when Kajal returns to the mission, things change. This time, she kicks, punches, and smashes everything in her path. According to the film's summary, satyabhama provides a "intimate look" into the life of Satya, a dedicated and industrious police detective, as she takes on a case that speaks directly to her.

"This is a character that we created in which we needed a hero from a commercial area, who has done a lot of mainstream commercial movies, since there was a lot of commerciality in the character. At the same time, the persona exudes gentleness, fragility, and emotionality. When we were writing, we considered numerous actors. But once we thought of Kajal, the writing started to flow pretty smoothly. We didn't know if she'd accept, but after we had a decent tale, we met her," Sashi kiran Tikka said.


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