An adage in Engish is, "Once Bitten Twice Shy," which implies that someone who has failed at something would be cautious while doing it again. Whether you agree with this or not, Prabhas' career in the hindi belts was seriously harmed by Adipurush. Even if saaho and radhe shyam were complete failures, nobody seemed to care.

However, Prabhas' depiction of ram in Adipurush was met with harsh criticism and opposition. A segment of the die-hard hindi public lost faith in prabhas following the success of Adipurush, which he achieved with Baahubali. Salaar's lackluster hindi debut was partly caused by the harm done to Prabhas's reputation following Adipurush.

Prabhas's image and potential have been ruined by exclusive bollywood producers and filmmakers, according to fans, who have begged him to never collaborate with them again. Despite these misgivings, rumor has it that prabhas has agreed to work on a project with T-Series' bhushan kumar, who was the producer of Adipurush.

It appears that bhushan gave prabhas a sizable advance for a movie as well. siddharth anand, the filmmaker of Pathaan, is the front-runner to helm this movie. Any new project, though, will have to wait at least two years due to Prabhas' hectic schedule. At this time, siddharth anand might have to wait. T-Series may move on with that project instead, though, if another filmmaker approaches prabhas in the interim. A bhushan kumar movie is officially confirmed, but prabhas gets to pick the director. After Adipurush, it's unclear if prabhas will jeopardise his career by taking on a new, exclusive bollywood film.


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